10 games remaining..

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With 10 games to go it is indefinitely a 2 horse race. For a few months or so some pundits believed that Tottenham had an outside chance, but with them now 14 points behind the leaders Manchester United with 10 games remaining, there title hopes are all but finished. Moreover, after City’s disappointing loss to newly promoted Swansea City, the football bets (unavailable to US customers) now back Manchester United to win their 20th league title and pip their opponents, come May. However, how can this be so? City have been top since Ocober, and now they are 1 point behind when there is still a possible 30 on the table.

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Manchester City 2011/2012 Season Preview

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When Sheik Mansour completed his purchase of Manchester City on September 23rd 2009, nobody could have envisaged the impact his money would have had since then. Having captured world class talent such as Sergio Aguero, David Silva and Mario Balotelli, the Citizens are now ready to launch a serious title challenge against their more illustrious neighbours Manchester United. Even Sir Alex Ferguson, who previously dismissed his rivals as mere ‘noisy neighbours,’ has now acknowledged them as genuine contenders for all honours this season.

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Dublin O.S.C Notice

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Hoping for a great weekend at the Dublin super cup with City, Inter Milan and Celtic travling to Dublin to play homeside the Airtricty 11 or the best of the Irish league. Weather is looking good for the event and the Dublin Offical supporters club will be out in force as will the other City suppoerters clubs from around the country.

Mr Kieron Grant of the Dublin O.S.C. Left a comment on a previous post so I will post it here for him.

“The next meeting is on Tuesday the 2nd of August”.

Thanks Kieron I hope after the weekend more fellow City supporters will find their way along to the meeting which are a great way to meet like minded supporters and talk about all things City.

Spurs and Harry, Having a laugh ?

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Harry Redknapp has expressed his desire to bring Adebayor to White Hart Lane

While I for one like  Harry is a great manager and a chancer of epic proportions, to try and pull a striker on wages like Adebayor and get his parent club to foot the bill, Got to admire the brass balls on that.

While they would like Adebayor, Tottenham would also like City  to pay his wages or a very large part of it reportably form various media sources. How true it is ?

What is certain is Harry’s intent towards the player.

Harry who is in South Africa spoke to the media and had this to say on Adebayor.

“He is a name that was mentioned and I spoke to the chairman about the player, about the possibility of loaning him, but whether they [City] would loan him I don’t know,” Redknapp told reporters in South Africa.   “If they would loan him he would be of interest. He is a quality player. We will wait and see.”

The fact Abebayor is a good player when he wants to turn it on, he can put goals away. He would easily fit into the set up and be a good loan signing for them,  If its a loan and they don’t have to pay the bulk of the wages, Why not ?  Even better.

I and Spurs fans alike would love to see Ade in the Tottenham Hotspur shirt.

Just think of  the North London derby the Arsenal fans would go nuts, the fact he is a hate figure  even to the most passive Arsenal fan,  to be in a Spurs jersey to boot.

Why the headline says “having a  laugh” is simple, Spurs are a serious side who have just as much chance as anyone to clinch the title with the squad they have at present. For Spurs to sign Ade even on loan would strengthen their squad further. If the reports are true about the wages they are having a laugh its a cheeky Harry Redknapp chancing his arm. For City to pay Adebayor’s massive wages while he bangs it the goals to help Spurs week in and week out to get ahead of City would be crazy. I don’t know the figure that Ade is on but must be up in the £120,000 a week bracket.

Adebayor has played his last game in a City shirt that’s for sure time and again be bemoans the club and his situation. The player clearly wants a move to Real Madrid as do most players, However Real don’t seem to running in to sign him which could say,  Your not as good as you think you are !  (Nicklas Bendtner sprang to mind when I typed that also)

Watching Adebayor at times is great and he does have his moments,  Just don’t ask him to track back or learn the offside rule and there wont be a problem.

Chances of him going to Tottenham ? Who knows ? would have to say slim with City and Spurs being close rivals in the past two seasons cant be good sense to help them improve.

Then again some Arsenal and City fans will tell you that Ade at your club would be a great way to sabotage a team.

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The Hypocrisy of Arsene Wenger

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Arsene Wenger in the last week or so has been spouting of about respect and disrespect. Lets have a look at what the hell he is on about.

First there was comments from Barcelona’s midfield wizard Xavi who claimed Arsenal should stand aside and allow  Cesc Fabregas join the Spanish giants as that is the players Dream. Wenger came out with Barcelona should show Arsenal some Respect and went on about people taking about poor old Arsenal. This is a players comments on a Spanish team mate abroad however Wenger decides its Barcelona as a whole who made these comments and should show him and Arsenal RESPECT, Hard to respect a sore loser and bad sportsman not to mention a team of divers, along with the always cheating Van Persie.

Within the space this French wack job is sticking his long nose into City’s sponsorship deal with Etihad about the naming rights to , calling out with others for an investigation to be launched. Allowing for the fact the actual figures have not been released yet so its a bit premature for  to be making comments about a business deal that is sweet F.A. to do with him, along with Liverpool and anyone else who has voiced concern about it. Fact is Arsene Wenger you read the Daily mail and decided to voice comment on it before having the full facts, DISRESPECTFUL !

City manager Mancini mentioned during the week of hid desire to sign another player from Arsenal, Samir Nasri this lad is a fantastic talent had a cracking season last year and would fit into any team in Europe. Wenger has accused Mancini of disrespect.

“This comment is out of order,” Wenger said, before addressing the issue of its disrespect. “I cannot say otherwise. These comments are not allowed. They are against the basic rules of football and he should be informed of that.

Rich coming from this twat what has City’s naming rights got to do with you Wenger ?  Why talk about it in public ? If its case you want an investigation go through the proper channels and don’t be mouthing about it.

Mancini needs to be informed of the basic rules of football ? We all seen Arsenal players diving anytime you were a goal down Arsenal players drop like flies around the box. Untied for all theirs flaws at least dig in for the 90 min and push to the end with football. Van Persie hitting Kompany while he was on the ground ? Same player more than once lifted his arm into opposition players running out from corners last season. Cheating still didn’t get you 3rd weak quitters with the tag of great footballers.

Wenger as I said above within a week you have showed what a Hypocrite you really are. Talk about people and clubs as you please just as long as nobody says anything about Arsenal. Wenger  Id say pressure is on nothing this season and your sacked couldn’t happen to a better person. Your a disgrace to football when Arsenal lose excuses and the blame game,  Man up and stop your mouthing.

Bye Bye Carlos. Now who is transfer target ?

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Carlos Tevez waits until City make their first move in the transfer window to announce that He is to depart. Gael Clichy signed for City yesterday from Arsenal for a fee of £7m declaring to the City cameras “I have come here because I want to win things.” A big statement from a player who has played in Arsenals Invincibles side of 03-04 season at the tender age of 18. Tevez and his cronies picked a bad day to issue this news. Fine Carlos if you want out GO !! taking Clichy’s thunder yesterday was just poor P.R. by Kia and his lackeys.

Tevez who is currently on International duty with Argentina at the Copa America yesterday informed City of his wish to leave. City fan who are already sick of his sulking attitude are finally ready to see the back of him. Tevez claims it is for family reasons however we are all to well aware this is a move so himself and slimy agaent Kia can again cash in on the transfer market.

This may be a bigger problem that first as suitors for the £50m hitman will be few and far between, the wages will be in £200,000 area. City will also not be bullied into selling him to a club they may see as a threat to their plans for the future.

Swap deals are a possibility who though would be the replacement.

Eto’o is a no go with Carlos wage demands the problem.

Higuan at  Real could be a starter good player youth on his side and the chance to see more first team action than he did last season at Los Blancos. Argentine players tend to fair a lot better in the Premiership than the lads of Brazil as has been proven time and again in recent years.

Aguero, Atletico are resigned to losing Aguero this summer,the Argentine publicly stated his intention to leave back in May. City had not been linked to this player as much however this was due to the fact City did think loner Tevez would man up and get on with the job he signed up for.

Mancini is a known fan of  Ibrahimović could he be the man to fill the boots ? I would think not but im not the manager. Mancini like this player not many other managers rate him.

Marek Hamsik the 23 year old again favoured by Mancini. The Slovak international would seem to be leaning towards a move from Napoli to AC Milan with a year left on his contract Napoli will be looking to sell.

There are a mountain of names coming forward including Bendtner (lol)

If City are to replace Carlos who do you the fans,  think is the man to fill his boots ?

Sunday Tabloids, Fact or Fiction ?

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Sunday is hear again and so the round up of lies and half truths begins.

Ronaldo the show pony claims he would have left Real if the club and Jose the special one had of parted ways.  The Premiership and North West would have been his destination I believe were his words so must be Man City right ? God Knows, however the likelihood of City fans taking to the biggest diver of all time are we will say are slim.

Tevez for Eto’o the swap deal that never happened, A rumour has started that Mancini himself said these words. Can you believe that the manager would ? even if the deal was ever there. To say this after the fact of the deal not happening seems like a made up rumour, I can’t seem to find the original source of the story as of yet but I will continue and should I find it will post it for all to see.

Hulk the media whore of Porto claims City want him but he said NO. Lad is not a bad player but I believe in this case is looking for some free P.R. off the clubs back. He is however set to sign a new contract with Porto what a hero he must be to the fans down there. How many Hulk shirts will that stunt sell ?

Savic deal is done story is doing the rounds the 20 year will sign for £7m from FK Partisan. The Montenegro international is regarded as a player for the future at just 20 he has attracted a lot of interest from clubs around Europe. Deal is never done till the player signs the contract so the Savic deal is not done but it is believed the Club are in talks for the player.

Wayne Bridge is going here, Wayne Bridge is going there should Wayne be leaving the club he has a lot of choice  Newcastle,Liverpool,Villa,Bolton,and Wigan to name some of the premiership teams in for him supposedly and of course he has Italian and Spanish clubs looking too. Wait and see what happens.

Wigan want Wright Philips and why wouldn’t they hes a great player and possibly far to good for their set up. First team football guaranteed so I can see why he would may look and think.

Milner is not happy and Liverpool are willing to pay £20m for him. O.K. he had a bad season and played out of his favorite  position and didn’t play enough but with a big squad of quality player what did you except ?  This is not Villa maybe if Liverpool can make him happy and stop him spitting his dummy out he should go ?

What is your views on City in the transfer markets so far just all tabloid rumours and speculation or is there truth in any of these reports ?

What do City fans think on buying Arsenal ?

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City have hit the headlines again with reports that Arsenal duo Clichy and Nasri are targets for the Blues. Clichy was widely reported to on the way to Liverpool in recent but Man City are now the front runners to seal the deal. This would indicate that Wanye Bridge or Kolarov could be on the way out of the club. Kolarov has made it clear he is in it for the long hall since his move from  Lazio last summer. Where as Bridge was loaned out to relegated side West Ham. First off how do City fans feel on Clichy ?  I’m not sure, for one I know he has a year or so on his contract and is currently the longest serving player at the club presently, but surly Arsene is not going to sell us another dud is he ?

Nasri, I was only talking to a United fan last Sunday (Thank Christ it was before my dinner) who assured me that Samir Nasri was going to no other club except Untied that the deal was all but announced. At this time I was thinking why the hell would Arsenal sell a player of that quality to Untied weakening themselves and strengthening Untied ? Now the papers are saying that City may have come into the race for the player. Question again, Why would Arsenal sell to City on the same grounds ? Turns out,  from what I read on a manure site is Arsenal don’t see City as a threat and should they sell to United it would be unfair to football as a whole, Who could stop them then ?.

My opinion would be, Nasri has a year to run and Arsenal were pretty sure the young French star would be happy with the £58k a week rather than sell out and go for the £90k a week. How wrong they were now in a situation of not breaking the wage cap in place at Arsenal and losing face they will have to sell. Untied offer £15m so City are now interested so the price is now some where between £20m – £25m see where this is going !

Nasri is a fantastic football who would get a place in any starting 11 except maybe the Champions Barcelona but apart from that he is a class player and the type of player most City and United  fans alike would love to see join their club .

Whats your view on the Transfer market to date and on the breaking Arsenal stories ?

All Speculation and Talk.

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Media stories are ripe this week depends on who you believe really, from the Daily and Sunday Express to the Mail online everyone has a story about the City v Barcelona tug of war for the Udinese star player  Alexis Sanchez. The Express has turned the story we all have been hearing that Sanchez is 80% signing on at Barca. Instead running a story claiming that the Catalan giants have turned tail on the price in order to keep the books in check  and have now turned their attentions to Juan Mata  and Giuseppe Rossi. Barca boss Pep Guardiola has said that both Rossi and Juan Mata meet the outline of what he wants at Barcelona and the manager has given his approval if the transfer for Chilean Sanchez is not feasible.  If Pep Guardiola in fact made this statement, would put City in pole position to sign the highly rated 22 year old. However in this transfer saga that now has been running for weeks and a end has to be in sight. Sanchez has been reported as looking towards Barcalona as his preferred club and who can blame him. Barcelona are easily the best team in world football after watching them dismantle Untied in the Champions league final why would any player not want to play their style of football. Football is a business and Udinese are a team going into the Europa Cup and need more depth in their squad if they are to compete in the Europa and the domestic league, as City fans are well aware of last season. £40M would come in handy in such a situation and that’s were the Business end comes in Udinese have to get the best deal for the club as possible, its just that simple.

Darren Witcoop, the witless wonder of  Fan house UK, has wrote a laughable piece on Ashley Young’s move to Untied.

Ashley Young’s signing and that of Jone’s are good value for money, both top players who will fit in at Untied no question or doubts there. Darren took the signing of Young to take a stupid swipe at City claiming the player snubbed City. Claiming the Express as his “source”  Witless Darren claims that Young knocked back the riches of City.

If the story was true which you can bet your ass its not, You would have seen a lot more of this all over Sky and every other media outlet going. I think its safe to say if City were in the bidding process the price tag the player was sold to Untied which in my opinion was a fair price. Should  City even giving Villa a hint of interest the £16m Untied paid for him would have been at £24m.

Villa are no mugs when selling players like any Club you get the best deal going. City can and have spent well over the odds at £24m + for players who are nowhere near the quality of  Ashley, so this report and follow on story is Bullshit.

Its either one of the other City don’t believe Young is worth £16m or they were plain never in for the player to begin with ?

Darren your piece is regurgitated crap and stinks of pro Untied bias.

Sunday round up, Rumours that make you laugh.

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We will start with the News of the World.

The all ever knowing with no proof  news of the world today claims, City will allow Tevez to return to Argentina because, well I gather from the story City’s a soft touch really or just a plain pack of mugs.

Verdict on the story load of  _ _ _ _  fill in your own word.


Sunday Mirror,

Cristiano Ronaldo wants £400,000 a week to join City. This is from a reliable source. The show pony wanted to leave Untied to live out his boyhood dream of playing for Real which he has done. Now £400,000 is a whole lot of money a week but this story is a bit far fetched.

Verdict – Lies, and a touch of fantasy.


The Sunday Times.

The Times claims that City big wigs are due to fly out to Italy in order to do a deal for Alexis Sanchez, The Udinese hitman is the main transfer target for the summer. Udinese have reportedly dropped the asking price to a realistic £26m from quotes of £35m. There is also rumours doing the rounds that Weiss would be put into the deal.

Verdict – A good possability that its the real deal, The Times do employ professionals who tend to stick to the boring truth rather that go making up wild stories.


Corriere dello Sport.

Juventus are to bid £35m for Tevez. Torres the no goal scoring former Liverpool player was bought up for £50m so surely Carlos is worth in or around the same.

Verdict – Italian papers are as bad if not worse that the British tabloids, pure pony.


The Tevez to Chelsea rumour, Pravda.ru and Footy Bunker.

Why on earth they think City would sell Tevez to a premiership rival is beyond me. City are tarred as the money bags, so why would they need to unload one of the finest players in World football to a team they plan to challenge against ?

Verdict – so stupid why waste time and energy even writing this piece. Rumour spreading at its worst.


Mail on Sunday.

£4M for Bellamy, well it seems about right with 2 years left on his contact and City did pay somewhere £14m for his services. Paid out on wages while he played for his home town club Cardiff last season. Bellamy’s wages are £80,000 to £90,000 a week a lot for a player who cant play 3 games in a row.

Verdict – Seems to be real deal £4m is just about affordable for Cardiff and Bellers will have to take a massive wage cut.


If there are anymore ridiculous stories or rumours you want posted let me know, always glad to point out how stupid and lazy paid journalists are.


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