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Media stories are ripe this week depends on who you believe really, from the Daily and Sunday Express to the Mail online everyone has a story about the City v Barcelona tug of war for the Udinese star player  Alexis Sanchez. The Express has turned the story we all have been hearing that Sanchez is 80% signing on at Barca. Instead running a story claiming that the Catalan giants have turned tail on the price in order to keep the books in check  and have now turned their attentions to Juan Mata  and Giuseppe Rossi. Barca boss Pep Guardiola has said that both Rossi and Juan Mata meet the outline of what he wants at Barcelona and the manager has given his approval if the transfer for Chilean Sanchez is not feasible.  If Pep Guardiola in fact made this statement, would put City in pole position to sign the highly rated 22 year old. However in this transfer saga that now has been running for weeks and a end has to be in sight. Sanchez has been reported as looking towards Barcalona as his preferred club and who can blame him. Barcelona are easily the best team in world football after watching them dismantle Untied in the Champions league final why would any player not want to play their style of football. Football is a business and Udinese are a team going into the Europa Cup and need more depth in their squad if they are to compete in the Europa and the domestic league, as City fans are well aware of last season. £40M would come in handy in such a situation and that’s were the Business end comes in Udinese have to get the best deal for the club as possible, its just that simple.

Darren Witcoop, the witless wonder of  Fan house UK, has wrote a laughable piece on Ashley Young’s move to Untied.

Ashley Young’s signing and that of Jone’s are good value for money, both top players who will fit in at Untied no question or doubts there. Darren took the signing of Young to take a stupid swipe at City claiming the player snubbed City. Claiming the Express as his “source”  Witless Darren claims that Young knocked back the riches of City.

If the story was true which you can bet your ass its not, You would have seen a lot more of this all over Sky and every other media outlet going. I think its safe to say if City were in the bidding process the price tag the player was sold to Untied which in my opinion was a fair price. Should  City even giving Villa a hint of interest the £16m Untied paid for him would have been at £24m.

Villa are no mugs when selling players like any Club you get the best deal going. City can and have spent well over the odds at £24m + for players who are nowhere near the quality of  Ashley, so this report and follow on story is Bullshit.

Its either one of the other City don’t believe Young is worth £16m or they were plain never in for the player to begin with ?

Darren your piece is regurgitated crap and stinks of pro Untied bias.

Sunday round up, Rumours that make you laugh.

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We will start with the News of the World.

The all ever knowing with no proof  news of the world today claims, City will allow Tevez to return to Argentina because, well I gather from the story City’s a soft touch really or just a plain pack of mugs.

Verdict on the story load of  _ _ _ _  fill in your own word.


Sunday Mirror,

Cristiano Ronaldo wants £400,000 a week to join City. This is from a reliable source. The show pony wanted to leave Untied to live out his boyhood dream of playing for Real which he has done. Now £400,000 is a whole lot of money a week but this story is a bit far fetched.

Verdict – Lies, and a touch of fantasy.


The Sunday Times.

The Times claims that City big wigs are due to fly out to Italy in order to do a deal for Alexis Sanchez, The Udinese hitman is the main transfer target for the summer. Udinese have reportedly dropped the asking price to a realistic £26m from quotes of £35m. There is also rumours doing the rounds that Weiss would be put into the deal.

Verdict – A good possability that its the real deal, The Times do employ professionals who tend to stick to the boring truth rather that go making up wild stories.


Corriere dello Sport.

Juventus are to bid £35m for Tevez. Torres the no goal scoring former Liverpool player was bought up for £50m so surely Carlos is worth in or around the same.

Verdict – Italian papers are as bad if not worse that the British tabloids, pure pony.


The Tevez to Chelsea rumour, and Footy Bunker.

Why on earth they think City would sell Tevez to a premiership rival is beyond me. City are tarred as the money bags, so why would they need to unload one of the finest players in World football to a team they plan to challenge against ?

Verdict – so stupid why waste time and energy even writing this piece. Rumour spreading at its worst.


Mail on Sunday.

£4M for Bellamy, well it seems about right with 2 years left on his contact and City did pay somewhere £14m for his services. Paid out on wages while he played for his home town club Cardiff last season. Bellamy’s wages are £80,000 to £90,000 a week a lot for a player who cant play 3 games in a row.

Verdict – Seems to be real deal £4m is just about affordable for Cardiff and Bellers will have to take a massive wage cut.


If there are anymore ridiculous stories or rumours you want posted let me know, always glad to point out how stupid and lazy paid journalists are.


City in the summer transfer window ?

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What a great season, what can be said City win the FA cup and manage to take 3rd spot and avoid the Champion league play offs. City fans everywhere are still pinching themselves in disbelief.

Its summer time and that means the papers go into over drive on the transfer front. Tevez is leaving Balotelli is joining Milan and so on. Funny thing about the transfer window is nobody is going anywhere until the ink hits the paper its just that simple.

City are looking to tempt Bolton with a swap deal ?     Mancini has fallen out with Marwood and Cook over transfer policy ?  Tevez has given a radio interview in Argentina where hes proclaimed he is the second coming of Jesus Christ and will only play for Chelsea ? the last one would be the sort of made up lies you will find in the Sun and copied and repeated by Tribal. The point is were going to see  a lot of this in the coming weeks how true the rumours are is anybody’s guess.

City however are sure to sell and buy in the window (as sure as you are to get US free bets offers in your inbox). I say this because I believe that Mancini will want a squad of players who understand how important it is to have depth and quality in the squad and not complain if you are not picked every week because is a team effort. That and at present City have a load of players on loan who just weren’t needed. I should point that the  players on loan were all bought under Mark Hughes.

Adebayor on loan at Real Madrid, has made it very clear he has no intention of  a return to Manchester.  My view ?  fine stay in Spain suits you better Ade, your lazy and really don’t get the offside rule.

Wayne Bridge on loan at relegated West Ham. Wayne is a really nice bloke and has come in for stick in the past from City fans. I for one think he has a lot more to his game than he has shown us in the past. However Mancini if the papers are true doesn’t see him the plans for the future as Aston Villa look like to be a new start for Wayne.

Craig Bellamy on loan at home town Cardiff.  Bellers has said he loves playing for boyhood team Cardiff. Bellamy has tons of pace and can read a game, he can finish with a class touch, has a well noted passion in the dressing room. Craig for all the god given talent has one major problem in his fitness has problems playing a string of games that in mind hard to see  Mancini giving him the recall.

Nedum Onuoha on loan at Sunderland (Yes I know not a Hughes buy) but a quick mention.  Has it all strength, discipline, youth, Ned is a welcome addition to any Premier side. Loaned out for the season and has again proved his worth at Sunderland.  A story has been doing the rounds that City would like to use Ned on a swap, and young City starlet Boyata on a loan deal to land Gary Cahill. Bolton will have trouble holding on to defender Gary Cahill in the summer he has had a great season. Why Cahill for City ?I don’t know Kompany and Lescott have been great in recent weeks and are starting to gel.

Roque Santa Cruz – The ultimate Hughes must have.  Mark Hughes having great success with Santa Cruz at Blackburn went all out in signing him for City. £18m later for a player who was injured at the time we got Santa Cruz what followed ? No goals and more injuries. Roque is one of nicest people there is in football. Roque is a genuine bloke, has a lot of time for the supporters and the kids and should be an example to all professional footballers.  That been said its on the pitch the fans want.  He is able to spend so much time with the fans due to his injuries.

Tell us your views and predictions on the upcoming transfer window. Who will stay and who will go ?

What a week for City fans.

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Well was  a long and memorable week,  for me a long week of  travel.

First over to the Spurs game and a great goal from the very man who denied City Champions league last year. Peter your a star. With one of the teams season goals reaching forth spot out of the way, City turned all attention to the F.A. Cup final.

Off down to London with me and what a day the build up was tense as both Man City and Stoke alike wondered how the match would unfold. It was to be a Man City victory with Yaya Toure man of the day in Wembley again, one goal between the two sides was enough to lift the cup. City were the better team on the day which was pointed out by Stoke manager Tony Pulis.

Sunday seen Arsenal mauled by Aston Villa from early on in the game. Villa held out as Arsenal tried desperately in vein to get back on leveling  footing pushing City into a position of taking third spot with a win against F.A. Cup rivals Stoke City.

Flight back to Manchester for the last game of the season. City play football like their life depended on it two of the best from Tevez and they really were cracking goals, and a towering header from Lescott. Lescott has come in for flack in the past but he is getting stronger all the time and starting to look like the player he was at Everton. Was well happy that City kept a clean sheet a 3 nil up in the past City fans have watched them switch off  and give away a soft goal spoiling

City are now in 3rd spot with a point advantage on Arsenal, now lets not get carried away last game of the season both teams play away City at Bolton and Arsenal at Fulham. Fulham would never roll over would they ? Remember Hughes would have a little laugh to himself I’m sure should Arsenal finish third. City can still finish 3rd even with an Arsenal win just beat Bolton simple at that and no team Owen Coyle manages would dare take to the pitch with defeat in their mind. Comes down to Sunday.

C’mon you Blues.

Never Thought I’d See this Day

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Article by Blue Ted

I honestly thought this day would never come.

Seeing the FA Cup finally in the possession of Manchester City is a dream I’ve held onto since I first saw City in action in 1981 against Spurs. That game was, as we all know, thirty years ago and since then, the blues have done nothing but decline, while across the road, United have done the opposite.

To endure thirty five years without a trophy is bad enough for any club of our stature, but we’ve also had to suffer while watching United win almost every trophy possible. And to cap it all, we’ve also had to battle for promotion or fight relegation on an almost regular basis. But all that hurt has now been wiped away on one glorious afternoon in the Wembley sun.

We now have the FA Cup and a Champions League place to boot, which is another step in the blue revolution. The hard work is only just beginning but the Cup will hopefully be the first of many to grace Eastlands in the coming years.

Turning to the game itself, I was particularly pleased with Mario Balotelli. Following City’s Europa League exit, I was very critical of the Italian and thought that it would be better for him to be out of the club. But today, Mario stood up to the wind up tactics of some of the Stoke players and kept his cool. There was a time when I thought he would lose it, but he showed that he could handle the situation and his back heel in the build up to the goal was superb.

As for the goal itself, I don’t think anyone would have been able to stop it. It was a bit scrappy in the stoke area but Yaya made no mistake with his left foot as he blasted the ball into the Stoke goal at the same end that he scored against United in the semi. But if there is one person who deserves all the credit he received, it is Roberto Mancini. The Italian has been the subject of increased speculation over his future, and it wasn’t long ago when fans were calling for his head. But in one season, he has taken us from perennial FA Cup losers to the trophy itself, as well as the Champions League. He has delivered on all the board’s targets set before him and he will quite rightly take the praise that will surely be delivered.

And let’s not forget one of the reasons we were at Wembley today. It would not have been possible without the huge investment in the club from Sheikh Mansour. In the years he’s been at City, the blues have climbed the table and made substantial progress already. So a huge thank you goes out to Sheikh Mansour, Khaldoon Al Muburak and ADUG for ending our pain.

But while we celebrate our win, our commiserations go out to Stoke City, who proved themselves worthy finalists, but seemed to be overawed a little by the occasion. But if one thing has been shown this season, is that the ‘big four’ monopoly has well and truly been broken. With Liverpool missing out on Champions League football again, City and Stoke contest the FA Cup Final and Birmingham winning the League Cup, the remaining trophy to crack is the League title.

And with a bit more time and investment, it won’t be long until the blues are challenging on this front to.

City stuck in the toffee

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Well another day of throwing a game away to Everton.

Really did think City would pull it this time shows how fickle football can be. It is a massive pressure clash on Tuesday now for Spurs and City do or die time.

 Spurs got a draw which is a lot better than a win, but the  begs the question if Spurs and City draw and  Liverpool beat Fulham can Liverpool hope to clinch forth spot with the two games left ?

Citys run in is as follows,

Spurs at Home.

Stoke at Home.

Bolton away.

Liverpool’s run of form lately is impressive whatever Kenny has done its bringing the best out of them.

With Bale now a no show for Tuesdays game can City dig deep and shows us that the team can do it when it really matters,  just like they did in the semi final against Untied. Followed by the big day in London the F.A. CUP FINAL,  (I love even typing it )

Stoke had a good win against Arsenal and are looking sharper and playing more football than ever. Hard team to beat as City fans know from last season. Stoke again on the Tuesday at home really do hope City have the cup to lift that night. Away to Bolton who will be a challenge for the finale of the season

Its a long  2 weeks that will  tell  us how the cookie crumbles.

How do you think the run in will unfold ?

Final Tickets sold out, Just like 16,000 of the fans.

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The scramble for the F.A. Cup final tickets is over as City have sold the 25,000 seats. Like wise Stoke City have sold their 25,000. For the semi final City and Untied were awarded 33,000 tickets a piece. The problem with the  final is the F.A. give out tickets to the volunteers and corporate who are awarded for their service. Many people have asked the question would it not be a bit fairer to the clubs if these seats were given to the fans of the clubs in the final ? The short answer and right answer is YES.

The charity shield is were all the freebies belong, now before I get people jumping down my neck about the people who do this, and do that, for the community. I will be the first to appalled them and say “have some free match days tickets to any club you like under the F.A. or tickets to the Charity shield for a nice day out”
Not the F.A. cup final which so many City and  Stoke fans have waited and prayed for. Its a historical day for both clubs and the fans, however a lot of the  supporters and season card holders just wont get a chance to be there you could say fair enough, but to cut by the number of tickets from  the semi final to the final is something which should be addressed by the F.A. in the future. To show I’m not bias the same can be said for Untied and Barcelona fans with the number for the biggest match in the Champions League cut right down. The top match for your choosen club and the fans cant get a fair share of the tickets makes you wonder.

I know they say its for Volunteers but the true fact is as we all know its for all the Big Wigs,  friends and families and of course the celebrities and their entourage.

We all are aware a small amount of the tickets go to real give up your free time volunteers and the rest are just given to people in the know. The glamorous faces of celebs who could barely name a handful of players from each team. Watch on match day as the cameras point out who’s there with a wack of fake tan on them. I always wonder how did you manage a ticket ? and do they even support either team?   Just go back over the years and see actors,musicians, and the hated reality faces  pop up with friends and family in toe.

I Can understand if the likes of the Gallagher brothers, Johnny Marr, Andrew Flintoff, Ricky Hatton, or in the case of famous Stoke City fans Neil Hancock, Ted Hankey and Julian Clarey as they have always been to matches over the years but Katie Price ? Sugerbabes?  Housemates from Big Brother ?  X factor runner ups ? the list goes on and on.

The questions is not how do these people get tickets, but why over the fans that truly deserve them.

A call for all City fans to Boycott Football 365.

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After reading an attack on all City fans by a piece published by the pro Untied Football 365 I would call on all City fans to please boycott this site.

I respectfully ask all other City Blogs, fan sites, and City related media outlets to pass this message on to all the City faithful.

The artcile was written by a man who if you have a problem with his views you first must email them for approval ! surprise surprise the comments that were allowed are pro United one by the name of Scott my guess the same vile little man who has no problem with playing the injured party.

The article is about City fans who were singing about the Munich air disaster. As City fans were are all very aware of United Fans singing about Marc Vivian Foe and how these chants from both sides should not be allowed. However as in life their will always be those who disagree and see it as banter even if a little bit close to the nerve. I’m not one as its a bit disrespectful to the dead and their families. 

The fact is  Football 365 in publishing this article have gone to far in an anti City rant aimed on all City fans !!! some of the insults in the piece to me are just as low and cheap but hay its just banter ? No I believe the writer is a Man United hated filled little person who has red tinted glasses on. Yes in the piece he clearly states that Man Untied fans are not all angels but clearly does so to fell free to unleash a torrent of abuse on City fans.

Have a read to see my reasons for asking to boycott the site then free free to leave your views on the matter as a football fan with a opinion that will always be welcome here.,17033,8744_6897720,00.html#

Redknapp Ready To Blame Stoke Rather Than His Own Team’s Performances

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Spurs manager Harry Redknapp has suggested that the FA change Manchester City’s home Premier League fixture with Stoke over fears that the visitors just won’t be bothered.

The two teams were due to meet on May 14th, but now have an appointment to meet in the FA Cup Final on that day and their league fixture has been changed to take place three days later. Stoke will qualify for Europe if City win the trophy AND finish fourth, prompting fears from North London that Stoke will throw the game to help City finish in a Champions League place.

“It is a bad time to play the game. No-one would say that Stoke would go there and not try to win but I just think the whole thing would be surrounded by people looking at it and thinking what went on if they do get beat,” said Redknapp which, once translated from cockney into English read ‘if City win the cup, Stoke will screw us.’

However Redknapp swear that his fears have absolutely nothing to do with his own team’s inability to catch City despite the blues indifferent form in the league. “That fact that we have won only one in six league games has nothing to do with it,” says Redknapp, who threatened to burst a blood vessel at the very suggestion.

“In fact, City should have seen how crap my lads have been and given up a few more points. They have a better goal difference to us, so why did they then go and put five past Sunderland? They are unfair and inconsiderate. Thinking about it, they should be deducted as many points as it takes for us to overtake them without fear of them catching us. That’s how it should be”

The Spurs manager confirmed that he had spoken to the chairman about the Stoke situation, who promised that he would give the matter his immediate attention right after he had completed ‘some other more important tasks.’ When asked what date City and Stoke should meet, Redknapp replied “9th May would be ideal, to be honest. I know they play Everton two days earlier and us the following day but come on, fair’s fair. They’ve got lots of money.”

Spurs recorded their fourth draw from those six games with a 3-3 result against Arsenal, leaving City two points clear of the Londoners. Ironically, Spurs only win during their current run was a 3-2 home win over Stoke City.

On other Cup Final news, ITV have confirmed that there will be absolutely no bias in Stoke’s favour during their coverage of the FA Cup final next month. A statement from ITV read: “Although we love to see the bigger teams getting beat, especially in a Cup Final, there will be absolutely no biased reporting from our commentators or pundits, before, during or following Stoke’s magnificent and unexpected victory at Wembley next month.”

FA Cup Or Champions League Place?

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Roberto Mancini could face a tough call ahead of the FA Cup Final against Stoke City.

The blues currently occupy fourth place in the league and if they stay there, City will qualify for the Champions League. However they are only three points ahead of Spurs and the Londoners have a game in hand that could put them level on points. 

And four days before the Cup Final, the two teams clash at Eastlands, leaving Mancini with an unenviable task; choose a team to claim a Champions League spot but risk them being tired for Wembley or potentially sacrifice fourth place in pursuit of silverware?

Last Monday, Mancini left out key players such as Silva, Zabaleta, De Jong and Balotelli and were comprehensively beaten at Anfield and it was clear that his mind was more focussed on the United game than the league.

But will that be the case in May and would the fans accept it if Mancini did the same for the Spurs game but won the Cup? It would help matters if Spurs lost a couple of games and gave us a little breathing space. Hopefully Arsenal will do us a favour when the visit White Hart Lane on Wednesday.

Obviously we would like to both finish fourth and win the Cup, but if it had to be one or the other, which one would you prefer?

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