Opposite View

Opposite View – Blackpool

For this week’s opposite view, MCB has visited the seaside to ask BFC Blog John a few questions. It was a wasted trip as John now lives in Didsbury. So we tracked him down in a local pub to ask him a few questions about Blackpool and Sunday’s game. Hi John and welcome to Man […]

Opposite View – Newcastle

This week’s Opposite View comes from Paul from the fantastic nufc.blog.org.  I asked Paul a few questions on Sunday’s big match, Newcastle and the waving of shoes in 2007. Here’s what Paul had to say Greetings Paul and welcome to Man City Blog’s Opposite View. We’ll start with a few questions about Newcastle United. How […]

Opposite View – Wigan Athletic

Opposite View this week comes in the form of Alan from the Wigan Athletic blog Thas not a patch on Harry Lyon. We asked him his views on the upcoming game and Wigan in general. Here is Alan’s response. Hi Alan. Thanks for the interview. Wigan got off to a terrible start. What happened against […]

View From The Opposite Side – Spurs

A new feature of OTBM’s will be the views from opposing blogs. This week sees Dan from The Tottenham blog giving us his views on Spurs summer and their hopes for the season. Dan, it seems like only five minutes ago that I was congratulating Spurs on claiming fourth. What’s the feeling among Spurs fans […]