Johnson Reveals Mancini Talks

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Adam Johnson has shrugged off criticism of his form and his hoping to start against his boyhood club Newcastle on Sunday.

The winger returned to the City line up and scored a well taken goal on Thursday night to cancel out Juventus’ tenth minute opener and was a constant threat to the Italians.

And Johnson has revealed he has held talks with City manager Bobby Mancini which have helped keep his City career going strong. “’I’ve had a chat with the manager and it’s between me and him what was said. I want to be playing in every game so hopefully I’ll start against Newcastle on Sunday tomorrow.”

The 23 year old became Mancini’s second January signing as City manager and the Italian has apparently told him he must provide a certain number of assists and goals this season and his goal against Juventus was his first in front of the home supporters.

Johnson’s form has been under the spotlight recently, leading some to believe he’d lost focus after goals in England’s World Cup qualifiers against Bulgaria and Switzerland, but the winger shrugs off the comments. “A lot has been made of it but it hasn’t affected me. I just get on with it, get my head down. It didn’t really faze me to be honest.”

Apart from paying £12,000 to go on a date with Katie Price which would be enough to disturb any sane manager, Mancini was apparently more concerned about other incidents and it has recently emerged that the winger was a target when Mancini stated there needed to be a ‘change of mentality.’

However, former City right back Danny Mills claims Johnson doesn’t have the full backing of Mancini. “Johnson is a fantastic player. He’s the only person in England who is a true winger,” says Mills, before adding “My only worry is he’s not a Mancini type player. I’m not sure Mancini likes him because he will take the odd risk, he will give the ball away and I think he may struggle to get a regular start which would be a massive shame.”

So Danny, if Johnson isn’t a Mancini type of player, why did the Italian sign him in January?

What do you think? Will Johnson be able to keep his feet on the ground? Is Danny Mills just the latest former player to have a dig at the club? Let us know your thoughts.


4 Comments on Johnson Reveals Mancini Talks

  1. craig from up north. on Sat, 2nd Oct 2010 8:11 pm
  2. Danny mills is just ex bitter player, with nothing better to do than slag off his ex employer which is very sad. Think the point mancini was making to johnstone was he has a tendency to switch off from his defensive duties. But saying that if city have to many players behind the ball then they don’t have a out ball when they regain possesion.

  3. I heard the news today oh boys 4,000 unsold season tcikets in Trafford, Greater Manchester and though the rags said they couldnt get there we all knew it was because they couldnt get a ticket dont we. on Sun, 3rd Oct 2010 9:09 am
  4. Danny Mills the resident expert on City who was on the pitch for 5 seconds contributed nothing when he was and has made a living out of talking complete b@ll@ocks about City any time he gets the opportunity.

    As for the mental focus Manicini is right particularly when its the likes of Micah he is knocking about with.

  5. Martin Grayfield on Sun, 3rd Oct 2010 6:46 pm
  6. Man of the Match playing 20 minutes only ! Something is working.

  7. rob zero on Sun, 3rd Oct 2010 8:06 pm
  8. Danny Mills who, whilst still under contract to City, commentating on City v Hamburg in the UEFA cup referred to us as “They”. Shows how pivotal he was as a blue.

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