What do City fans think on buying Arsenal ?

July 1, 2011 by · 12 Comments
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City have hit the headlines again with reports that Arsenal duo Clichy and Nasri are targets for the Blues. Clichy was widely reported to on the way to Liverpool in recent but Man City are now the front runners to seal the deal. This would indicate that Wanye Bridge or Kolarov could be on the way out […]

All Speculation and Talk.

June 25, 2011 by · 3 Comments
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Media stories are ripe this week depends on who you believe really, from the Daily and Sunday Express to the Mail online everyone has a story about the City v Barcelona tug of war for the Udinese star player  Alexis Sanchez. The Express has turned the story we all have been hearing that Sanchez is 80% […]

Sunday round up, Rumours that make you laugh.

June 12, 2011 by · 9 Comments
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We will start with the News of the World. The all ever knowing with no proof  news of the world today claims, City will allow Tevez to return to Argentina because, well I gather from the story City’s a soft touch really or just a plain pack of mugs. Verdict on the story load of […]

City in the summer transfer window ?

May 26, 2011 by · 3 Comments
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What a great season, what can be said City win the FA cup and manage to take 3rd spot and avoid the Champion league play offs. City fans everywhere are still pinching themselves in disbelief. Its summer time and that means the papers go into over drive on the transfer front. Tevez is leaving Balotelli […]

What a week for City fans.

May 19, 2011 by · 2 Comments
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Well was  a long and memorable week,  for me a long week of  travel. First over to the Spurs game and a great goal from the very man who denied City Champions league last year. Peter your a star. With one of the teams season goals reaching forth spot out of the way, City turned […]

Never Thought I’d See this Day

May 14, 2011 by · 7 Comments
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Article by Blue Ted I honestly thought this day would never come. Seeing the FA Cup finally in the possession of Manchester City is a dream I’ve held onto since I first saw City in action in 1981 against Spurs. That game was, as we all know, thirty years ago and since then, the blues […]

City stuck in the toffee

May 8, 2011 by · 6 Comments
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Well another day of throwing a game away to Everton. Really did think City would pull it this time shows how fickle football can be. It is a massive pressure clash on Tuesday now for Spurs and City do or die time.  Spurs got a draw which is a lot better than a win, but the […]

Final Tickets sold out, Just like 16,000 of the fans.

May 5, 2011 by · 8 Comments
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The scramble for the F.A. Cup final tickets is over as City have sold the 25,000 seats. Like wise Stoke City have sold their 25,000. For the semi final City and Untied were awarded 33,000 tickets a piece. The problem with the  final is the F.A. give out tickets to the volunteers and corporate who are […]

A call for all City fans to Boycott Football 365.

April 26, 2011 by · 63 Comments
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After reading an attack on all City fans by a piece published by the pro Untied Football 365 I would call on all City fans to please boycott this site. I respectfully ask all other City Blogs, fan sites, and City related media outlets to pass this message on to all the City faithful. The artcile was […]

Redknapp Ready To Blame Stoke Rather Than His Own Team’s Performances

April 20, 2011 by · 1 Comment
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Spurs manager Harry Redknapp has suggested that the FA change Manchester City’s home Premier League fixture with Stoke over fears that the visitors just won’t be bothered. The two teams were due to meet on May 14th, but now have an appointment to meet in the FA Cup Final on that day and their league […]

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