A call for all City fans to Boycott Football 365.

April 26, 2011 by
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After reading an attack on all City fans by a piece published by the pro Untied Football 365 I would call on all City fans to please boycott this site.

I respectfully ask all other City Blogs, fan sites, and City related media outlets to pass this message on to all the City faithful.

The artcile was written by a man who if you have a problem with his views you first must email them for approval ! surprise surprise the comments that were allowed are pro United one by the name of Scott my guess the same vile little man who has no problem with playing the injured party.

The article is about City fans who were singing about the Munich air disaster. As City fans were are all very aware of United Fans singing about Marc Vivian Foe and how these chants from both sides should not be allowed. However as in life their will always be those who disagree and see it as banter even if a little bit close to the nerve. I’m not one as its a bit disrespectful to the dead and their families. 

The fact is  Football 365 in publishing this article have gone to far in an anti City rant aimed on all City fans !!! some of the insults in the piece to me are just as low and cheap but hay its just banter ? No I believe the writer is a Man United hated filled little person who has red tinted glasses on. Yes in the piece he clearly states that Man Untied fans are not all angels but clearly does so to fell free to unleash a torrent of abuse on City fans.

Have a read to see my reasons for asking to boycott the site then free free to leave your views on the matter as a football fan with a opinion that will always be welcome here.



63 Comments on A call for all City fans to Boycott Football 365.

  1. Pete on Thu, 28th Apr 2011 4:47 pm
  2. You had me worried there for a minute. I saw the headline ‘Now they’re calling us gay’ flash before my eyes.

  3. graham edwards on Thu, 28th Apr 2011 10:36 pm
  4. listen lads all blues +reds all this bullshit about munich +foe should end now i love city +cant stand utd or their supporters or anything that club stands for BUT we did start this munich shit first so we must be the first to end it i once heard my son at the age of 6 singing the sick munich song + explained why we should not i have never heard him sing it since its down to education or ignorence i hope us city fans can stop this shit from now on i dont care for any answers oh but they sing foe so what grow up blues give our club + supporters respect + move on we are on the rise lets et rid of our shitty past including the sick munich song MCFCOK

  5. RedManc on Sun, 1st May 2011 9:56 pm
  6. I think that article sums up your Oil Establishment perfectly…

  7. Brian Roban on Sun, 1st May 2011 10:05 pm
  8. Red Manc bad day at the office and looking to express your anger ? City got me singing the blues. Don’t Chelsea play in blue also ? Hope they rob you of the title xxx
    Barca lick you in the final what more could city want even if we won nothing ? Oh yeah top 4 finish be nice and the FA cup thet would sum it up for me

  9. RedManc on Tue, 3rd May 2011 9:03 pm
  10. Great day at the office The whole 1 hour I visit there, the beauty of running your own firm is everyone does the work for me and I sit back and watch my bank balance grow.

    Mmmmmmm, let me think. Where would I rather be? 4th and in The Dave Berstein Cup Final or top and 2-0 up going into the 2nd leg of a Champion’s League Semi Final? What more can City want even if you win nothing? I can’t belive what I’m hearing! So basically, you’d rather see City go without yet another trophy than see United win silverware?! I’m so glad we are not like your lot! You really are that bitter. The difference between me and you is anything other than top spot isn’t good enough, you – street party celebrating 4th spot. The guy above was right, the whole stand at Ewood singing Munich chants and how do you address it? A shit Blog telling your fans to boycott a website and trying to deflect the media attention from your dispicable fans to a small pocket of Stetford End thugs! Let’s have it right, Munich is a part of your vocabulary and where as United have a minority of thugs, City’s is the majorty. I always never have a problem with other English teams in The Champion’s League, but if you lot do what an embarrassment to Mancunians that would be! All singing your Munich chants, goes to show – you can win The Lottery but you can’t polish a turd. Actually, on the other hand it may be a good thing. Let Europe laugh at you

  11. Brian Roban on Tue, 3rd May 2011 9:57 pm
  12. Let’s have it right ? Your a twat sit back and watch your bank balance grow ! Grow up, bad day at the office as in untied lost you sap !!! As for all your other shite a small amount of thugs ? Wayne rooneys house hooded untied fans !! Most of untied fans are like you top spot or nothing glory hunting dicks . I run my own company so what !!! A boaster and a glory hunter is all you are, shows us what untied are all about, mouth. Let’s have it right !! Lol

  13. RedManc on Fri, 6th May 2011 12:27 am
  14. Mouth? Says the tinker who thinks he’s Manc. Stick to your Hurling pikey and quit looking to Manchester for acceptance because sport is shit in your home country. A glory hunter?! I am something you will never be, Manc! Supported United since ’86. That’s right, when we where shit. Some glory hunter eh? Unlike you pikey, I support my local team and don’t jump on the bandwagon just cos some under acheivers won the the lottery. Also don’t need to start up a shit blog to convince everyone how much of a supporter I am. I bet you join in with the rest of the louts at Wastelands singing we support our local team then hop back on RyanAir with your silly Mancini scarf in the middle of Spring still celebrating your semi final win. The whole of Football laughs at Shitty and how good it was to see you lot exposed on Sky at Ewood long overdue! As I said our dicks are the minority, yours are the majority!

  15. Brian Roban on Sat, 7th May 2011 1:12 am
  16. Pikey !!! lol charming, that the best you got or was tinker your best shot.
    All them seats at old Trafford filled with Irish, lol your a simple muppet. Was it not the Irish owners that put the the best years you have on record ? Till arseholes like you chased them out because of a race horse ? Short memory have ya ?
    How do I think I’m manc clearly stated im Irish who supports City since 1990 so band wangon jumper I’m not. Hurling while I loved playing it never really my thing to watch thanks. Your a big hard man behind your fake name on a keyboard. A mouth is all you are, now go in to your office for an hour where you do fuck all apart from wank, lazy prick.

  17. Brian Roban on Sat, 7th May 2011 8:44 am
  18. Your dicks are no minority, was talking to lads at the semi final who were set apon by cockney reds.
    Your lot sing sick chants about hillsbrough at Liverpool fans twice a season. Which will be well pointed out by this blog and all city media outlets next season.
    Your prize player is properly one of the biggest thugs around shouts at screams swear words at cameras, pays for whores, shining example to a pack of wankers who cheer him on and worship him. If he’s a scumbag what are you lot that idolize him.

    Threating him and his family if he left the club ! Yeah you boys are full of class aren’t ya. Untied fans like you are a joke !!!
    I know load and loads of Untied fans because I’m Irish and their football fans unlike you. Your a little man with a big chip.

    So have it right !!! Sounds like a cockney to me, straight out of football factory.
    Notice that in most football hooligan films Man United, West Ham, Millwall, and Chelsea are always in them.
    Funny you never see City wonder why that would be ? Oh yeah the above named clubs are well known for having fans that like to cause trouble.

  19. Jimmy on Sat, 7th May 2011 12:21 pm
  20. Unfortunately most clubs have a minority of fans that spout bile. I believe that our fans will address and educate those that attempt to sing the Munich song in coming games. We will do it by embarrassing them with counter songs. That will be the end of it the message will get home. I was at the sf and it made me sick to see so called rags attacking city fans with their kids. That didn’t make the media, but it should have to highlight what the rags are like. A bunch of glory hunting, poor losing, mindless morons who are not in the fa cup final!

  21. RedManc on Sat, 14th May 2011 12:13 am
  22. That’s right bitter, we are in something much better? CL Final and needing a point to clinch number 19! Something you bell-ends can only dream OfThat’s right – any mention of Munich at Wembley and blue skulls got cracked and rightly so! Not infront of kids though, their Dads where teaching them Munich chants. Couldn’t give a Fuck about Rooneys personal life as longas he delivers on the pitch. Speaking of dickheads off the pitch wasn’t there a scouse centre midfielder at Wastelands once before you got hand outs off the Arabs? He did time I think? It’ll come to you…. Hard man behind behind a keyboard? Ok, get a photo of yourself on here pikeyI’ll show you who’s all mouth.
    Try not to embarrass my home town in London tomorrow yeah? Be such a shame to lose after all the help Mr Bernstien did to get you’s there…. Be no merit off me if you win, I’d only say you deserved your Fa cup win if Bernstein didn’t help you. So if you do get silverware at Wembley, it will be false with no merit.

  23. Brian on Tue, 17th May 2011 6:27 am
  24. Your an arsehole !! There are pics of me up all over…..doing a Rooney and threating people online ?
    You hide behind your fake name and so hard behind a keyboard arent ya.
    You keep calling me Pikey that meant to be an insult because im Irish ? haha wow best you can do.
    You and the likes of you sicking real fans of football which your not.
    All ya are is a negative thug who only knows about Untied and nothing else of football.

  25. Brian Roban on Thu, 19th May 2011 4:37 pm
  26. @ Red MANC

    Did Bernstien go out in the semi final and put the ball in your net ?
    Cop on,
    I take it your a grown man so have a look at what Untied have spent to be up there.

    No merit your a joke a fool who is blinded by rage that City yes the same shit team you keep banging on about knocked you out of the fa Cup fair and square and finished your dream of a treble. Barca should finish the double for ya.

    Hope Barca do what they do best great watch a team like them play football.

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