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A call for all City fans to Boycott Football 365.

After reading an attack on all City fans by a piece published by the pro Untied Football 365 I would call on all City fans to please boycott this site.

I respectfully ask all other City Blogs, fan sites, and City related media outlets to pass this message on to all the City faithful.

The artcile was written by a man who if you have a problem with his views you first must email them for approval ! surprise surprise the comments that were allowed are pro United one by the name of Scott my guess the same vile little man who has no problem with playing the injured party.

The article is about City fans who were singing about the Munich air disaster. As City fans were are all very aware of United Fans singing about Marc Vivian Foe and how these chants from both sides should not be allowed. However as in life their will always be those who disagree and see it as banter even if a little bit close to the nerve. I’m not one as its a bit disrespectful to the dead and their families. 

The fact is  Football 365 in publishing this article have gone to far in an anti City rant aimed on all City fans !!! some of the insults in the piece to me are just as low and cheap but hay its just banter ? No I believe the writer is a Man United hated filled little person who has red tinted glasses on. Yes in the piece he clearly states that Man Untied fans are not all angels but clearly does so to fell free to unleash a torrent of abuse on City fans.

Have a read to see my reasons for asking to boycott the site then free free to leave your views on the matter as a football fan with a opinion that will always be welcome here.,17033,8744_6897720,00.html#



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