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A Football Manager’s Dream

Ever wondered what it would be like to have some of the world’s top players at your club? To manage them and take them to the top of their game? Well the wait is almost over.

The latest edition of Football Manager 2011 will be out in the shops from November 5th and it’s going to be better than ever. Football Manager 2011 will be jam-packed full of new features such as real-time contract negotiations for more realistic dealings with agents, a new set-piece creator, and a completely overhauled training system.

With all the recent hype about Wayne Rooney being a possible target for City, Football Manager 11 will give managers the opportunity to again link up the striker with former red Carlos Tevez and see how they perform on paper, or rather computer, before Mancini decides whether or not to make a bid for the striker in January.

So what makes this version different to the other versions previously released? Well a new contracts negotiation system will allow managers to make deals with different styles of agents in order to make the next big signing to make their team stronger and even more unbeatable.

Interaction with the board is now even more possible than ever and a new match view sees games being played at night under the floodlights for the first time. This feature also includes new goal celebrations and more stadiums, enhancing the games reputation as the best match simulation around.

Could this get any better? Well yes, in fact it could. The official demo launch is on Friday 22nd October but Mirror Football readers will have access to the game from Thursday 21st October, a day earlier than everyone else. So if Football Manager 11 is your thing, you should get online as soon as possible on Thursday. So if you’re a Mirror Reader, you can claim your free download code by clicking here.

MCB’s Football Manager 11 feature is a sponsored post and it seems only fair that we should give Mirror Football Goals a mention. If you are unfamiliar with Mirror Football Goals, it is a free, Facebook based fantasy five-a-side football game built in association with Renault. Pick your team, set up your mini-league and invite your mates. To play along, just click here

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