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Media stories are ripe this week depends on who you believe really, from the Daily and Sunday Express to the Mail online everyone has a story about the City v Barcelona tug of war for the Udinese star player  Alexis Sanchez. The Express has turned the story we all have been hearing that Sanchez is 80% signing on at Barca. Instead running a story claiming that the Catalan giants have turned tail on the price in order to keep the books in check  and have now turned their attentions to Juan Mata  and Giuseppe Rossi. Barca boss Pep Guardiola has said that both Rossi and Juan Mata meet the outline of what he wants at Barcelona and the manager has given his approval if the transfer for Chilean Sanchez is not feasible.  If Pep Guardiola in fact made this statement, would put City in pole position to sign the highly rated 22 year old. However in this transfer saga that now has been running for weeks and a end has to be in sight. Sanchez has been reported as looking towards Barcalona as his preferred club and who can blame him. Barcelona are easily the best team in world football after watching them dismantle Untied in the Champions league final why would any player not want to play their style of football. Football is a business and Udinese are a team going into the Europa Cup and need more depth in their squad if they are to compete in the Europa and the domestic league, as City fans are well aware of last season. £40M would come in handy in such a situation and that’s were the Business end comes in Udinese have to get the best deal for the club as possible, its just that simple.

Darren Witcoop, the witless wonder of  Fan house UK, has wrote a laughable piece on Ashley Young’s move to Untied.

Ashley Young’s signing and that of Jone’s are good value for money, both top players who will fit in at Untied no question or doubts there. Darren took the signing of Young to take a stupid swipe at City claiming the player snubbed City. Claiming the Express as his “source”  Witless Darren claims that Young knocked back the riches of City.

If the story was true which you can bet your ass its not, You would have seen a lot more of this all over Sky and every other media outlet going. I think its safe to say if City were in the bidding process the price tag the player was sold to Untied which in my opinion was a fair price. Should  City even giving Villa a hint of interest the £16m Untied paid for him would have been at £24m.

Villa are no mugs when selling players like any Club you get the best deal going. City can and have spent well over the odds at £24m + for players who are nowhere near the quality of  Ashley, so this report and follow on story is Bullshit.

Its either one of the other City don’t believe Young is worth £16m or they were plain never in for the player to begin with ?

Darren your piece is regurgitated crap and stinks of pro Untied bias.


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  1. Simon on Sat, 25th Jun 2011 3:13 pm
  2. I don’t think I’m alone in saying I would like to see some of the big earning squad players to go (Ade, Jo, SWP, Bellers, Bridge), and for the Sanchez saga to end soon so that Mancini can start preparing for pre-season. I honestly don’t care if Sanchez comes or not, as I think either way we will be making quality additions. I just want the proverbial ball to start rolling as it were.

    The thing that seems to be delaying all of this is the fact Man City have money. Other teams want our fringe players for nothing and potential targets are having their prices hiked with a ‘Man City Premium’. Also with the mention of City being interested lets a selling club squeeze the maximum amount of tranfer fee for their player (whether the interest has come from City or not).

    I don’t believe that Man City were ever seriously interested in signing Young. It was probably just another case of a Chairman trying to start a non-existing bidding war.

  3. UnitedRoad on Mon, 27th Jun 2011 4:48 pm
  4. How rare, a bitter writing a crap article briefly covering transfers then quickly focuses his attention on United transfers. Brian your piece is also regurgitated crap and stinks of a typical City bitter who can’t get over his obsession with United…. Thanks for the laugh – you and your joke of a Football “club” never fail to make me chuckle………..

  5. Brian Roban on Mon, 27th Jun 2011 5:45 pm
  6. Not so rare a untied fan who didn’t read the full article. At not point in this article did I have a go at untied, if anything my point was Jones and Young were good business in the transfer Market. At the same time to point out that City were not in for either player as suggested by Darren Witless in his piece on Funhouse uk. Who claims Young snubbed City, (utter bollox) to belittle City. You if you had read the article you would have understood this. The only joke around here is you ! on here with your lil red tinted glasses on. Read the next time before making a fool of yourself.

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