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Andy Gray – Comedian Or Idiot?

Article by Real Mancs Are Blue

Last night I watched Manchester City destroy Liverpool. We played them off the park, dominating possession, winning every tackle and generally disposing of them in a clinical and classy fashion.
I got home from the match and immediately wanted to watch it again on Sky plus, I’m that kind of character. Anyway, it got to half time and Andy Gray reared his ugly head, a truly odious little man who typifies the term ‘Sky 4’. The love he has for Rooney and Gerrard is borderline sexual. He went on to tell us how Liverpool we’re showing glimpses of greatness towards the end, how one mistake from Kuyt was all that separated us and how Manchester should ‘just defend and try to pop another one in on the break’  against the onslaught by Liverpool he clearly expected in the second half. The man is a clown. His blatant and unapologetic bias towards the Sky 4 has been obvious years but last night it was perhaps at its very peak.
The second half ended and Gray appears once more. City had scored another two goals but the way he was harping on with his ‘classic Gerrard’ nonsense you’d think the bin dippers had slaughtered us. ‘From the scoreline you’d think Liverpool we’re battered but it wasn’t the case, it was quite evenly matched, Liverpool had more shots on target’. Here’s a little fact for you Andrew, Ngog rolling the ball with no power along the ground into the waiting hands of England’s number one are not really shots. Liverpool had ONE spell where they looked like they might score, some excellent defending and two world class saves kept them out but its was again ‘Classic Gerrard’.
It’s going to be interesting to watch this little troll when Manchester break that top four permanently and to see how he is forced to change his attitude towards us, he was clearly livid last night when his mighty scousers took a pasting but it’s something he needs to get used to.

Shirt Says It All Really

The blue moon is rising.



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