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Anybody worried about the pre season preformance ?

On the final game of the U.S. tour City played against Rafa the Gaffer and his new squad of Inter Milan I for one was looking forward to this match as I strongly believed that City would pull up their socks and put on a show.

How wrong I was to even think that in Inters FIRST game of pre season they totally dismantled City. Their passing was the stuff champions are made of keeping possession and looking for the smart pass. City were brought down to 10 men in the first half when Vieira was sent off for swinging an elbow at Materrazzi which in a pre season friendly for the supposed senior professional is just unbelievable He should of been well aware of his elbow and the opposition players position. That been said many City fans believe the Refs call was poor and after watching the reply over again Id agree he didn’t deserve to be sent off a yellow or warning should of done since it was after all only a friendly

Jo again was on the pitch which makes me wonder is Mancini going to keep Jo and try to make him work out ? or is he getting playing time before being shipped off on loan because I cant see anybody buying him with the amount of trouble He carries with him.

To be honest I’m now quite worried about the up and coming season its pre season so We all know it doesn’t mean anything but the football we have seen while City have been State side is well mildly putting it shocking. Yes the heat over their is a lot to deal with so the American teams and the Sporting would find it easier as can to some degree Inter,  but the fact is Inter have a team that have had the special one their to inspire this winning mentality and never give up attitude. Now having said that come Christmas and one of the maddest managers of all time could have wreaked that Rafa been Rafa.

This winning mentality these Champion teams seem to have certainly I believe is lacking some of the City yes we have brought in new signing who have won a the very top of this sport and I hope they can instill what it takes to the rest of the team, Bellamy being an exception as he always pushes for more from himself and excepts the same from all around.  Vieira has won at the top but is setting a bad example to the younger players on the tour with getting sent of  in a friendly.

What is your take on this are City on the road to greatness and pre season is a kick about  and don’t worry they will shine when needed to?


Do you feel worried that some City players are not giving 100%  and leaving the club facing humiliation with the anti City media outlets ?



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