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Are Untied Fans are really obsessed with City ?

Where to begin, last week myself and the Pete wrote a piece pointing out opinion based on football facts and then, well to put it bluntly writing a load of made up lies from bits and pieces of facts and make believe and fantasy, under the title of ” Have your Opinion But Don’t Hide The Truth”.  We felt inspired to write this due to and certain Untied propaganda machine calling its self a blog for the fans, I wont mention the Site on here as even typing it makes me sick. The seemly main writer for this blog is a little hate filled man called Scott.

Scott can not let a week pass without taking a shot at City’s, Players, finances, Stadium, Mancini, and of course the fans. This week been Carlos turn for a story found in the News of The World, A paper that you could bring to the zoo and let the Chimps read its that much of a rag with  mindless cheap ass journalism in it. Oh Yeah its got lots of pictures too for the likes of Scott.

The question is and my main concern is If City are a small club and classless noisy neighbours surely you could find something better to write about ?  like well wild guess ?   The club you are supposed to support ?

I have to say while all the attention from this so called super club is quite flattering it has turned into some what of a stalker situation.  First i have to say I can understand a little about the green eyed monster and jealousy after all we City fans have watched on while they bought up their share of Cups and league titles, Now the mirror has turned and the Green and Gold eyed monster looks on as City have now the financial backing and the players to compete in the upper part of the table. For the first time in a long time City are a threat and are finally up there looking to win the bragging rights. The downside is nobody likes to watch on and will hope and pray that City fall flat. Its a sad thing but what can we do, Untied fans will tell you that City are not important enough or big enough to care about. Untied fans will tell you that they are not obsessed with City,  all the articles Ive seen about City reading through the football pages and mainly coming from Untied sites at at Football News Now I would  have to disagree.

Its really nice of Scott and all the lads over there at Trafford to include us in the tittle tattle that’s normally reserved for Clubs who rival them at the top likes of Chelsea, Arsenal, and not so long ago Liverpool. Its good to have their attention so much that they feel the need to write about all things  City on their Blogs, Fan Sites and so on. Its not because their worried or have any interest in what goes on in a football team from Manchester you understand.

As I said if that’s not the reason then tell me, why all the fuss ?   That is if  the Untied fans, really do believe what they say about City.



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