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Arsenal can moan all they want, Its City we care about.

After a whole day of slander and ridicule from all sectors but especially Arsenal supporters I’m going to open it up for City fans on their feelings on last night nil all draw at the Emirates.

Arsenal fans are moaning and crying all day about a Bus been parked in front of goal and City’s lack of attack in the match they deemed boring. Boring because Arsenal played out of their skins and couldn’t find the goal needed to win the game, or a goal to bring City out to attack and really lets face it, catch City time and again on the counter. The fact they went and paid for the over priced tickets for such a dull match must also be a factor. Fantastic stadium that it is ,and it really is, the tickets are quite steep. Good thing they have no shortage of people willing to pay even for such a disappointing match.

It was billed as one of the biggest games of the season to date, however on the night with attacking options limited with Silva and Balotelli both out with knee injuries the shape of the team looked very defensive. City were rocked in the first 10 minutes or so but got it together and defended well. Defended so well in fact they walked away with a point which in a City fans eyes a point in the Emirates is much better than none, and going home 2 or 3 goals down from trying to play Arsenal at their own game in their home ground with a weakened side.

Again City cant do right from wrong over the display last night. Mancini believes that if a game cant be won, just Don’t lose it !!

Which is starting to make sense. City certainly could have gone and played and maybe lost 2-1 and having been a cracker of a match and had everyone saying “it was great game even though we lost”.  However City defended to their utmost with even Tevez back as deep as I’ve ever seen him. City held on for a point to keep us ahead of Arsenal although they have a game at hand, its a game they have to win.

This and other matters have the Arsenal supporters up in arms of course we are a disgrace to the game and so forth. Van Persie went to ground with Kompany in a fair challenge, Van Persie sits up and elbows Kompany in the chest not a mention of it ,a clearly dirty thing to do. Fabregas straight after Barry got booked ran into him falls down and gives the ref the Spanish hands to try have Barry sent off. Zabaleta and Sagna there is a clear reason why Zabaleta is appealing his red card and Sagna is not. Arsenal manager Wenger claims his side are victims of rough and hard tackles didn’t look that way last night Arsenal were dishing it out and getting away with it.

Last season we destroyed Arsenal at home, beat Chelsea home and away ,where did we finish 5th which was a step up and I for one wouldn’t knock it. The Spurs game broke us. At present City are 2nd in the league and if City can manage to pick 3 points from teams who City can attack and really except to over power and take points of, Then take the draw and a point of teams who can be a threat and a worry for the defence on the counter if caught. City should achieve the goal set out which was a Champions league spot and next season have  a crack at the dream of  dreams, the Champions League itself.



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