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Arsenal exchange.

Last week I traveled to see Arsenal v Fulham as part of a home ticket exchange.

The rules are simple go enjoy the seats of  another Premiership side.

Show respect for the home fans of who you are a guest of.

Try your hardest to keep your Blue views to yourself.

Sit back and observe the soak up the atmosphere of a rival Club.

I found the Emirates a fantastic stadium and handy to get to via the under ground on arrival I found the fans in high spirits and singing on the way to the ground. I was lucky enough to have tickets at the Club level and the bars and restaurants were a lot like what is on over at our own Stadium. After a quick pint I took my seat which was a nice wide seat pleanty of room. I found the game a good one to watch although while watching some fine football for me it of coursed lacked the edge of a City match as he feelings are not there. However looking around and watching the Arsenal Fans on highs and lows the ooohs and aaaaggghs the atmosphere was good non aggressive like what you see at the swamp. Like any Club at home who wins the fans were in greta form after the match singing “we are top of the league ” the mood was good as the fans disburse into the surrounding areas. Getting back was more of a problem the queues for the Under Ground were mad as two London teams were playing so quick walk up the road and into the station before Arsenal, Finsbury and I was off again. I found the Arsenal fans to be a good bunch of lads who were in fairness talking City up. Was that just being polite to me as I was in their company ? Id have to say no.  They did say it took time to take in the whole money situation and transfer policy. The madness of the Kaka saga and the way City seem to buy ex Arsenal players. The  jokes and laughs were flying. The Arsenal fans also told me they got a great kick out of the sence of humour that the City fans have. They believe that sence od humour was reflected in the “Welcome to Manchester” poster as like so many teams got a great laugh out of it when the Salford Rangers players and the manager came out all guns blazing.

As one of the Arsenal fans said  – “How do you think Fergie liked them mind games on the way to the Office and seeing that”

Their view now  is that City are now a team to be taken seriously and are major rivals for all competitions going forward.

That been said they also told me City will never be as good as Arsenal I was well out numbered so I left them with the “Only Time will Tell ”  speech and got going.

The Arsenal fan who swapped with me was due to give me his opinions on the City faithful and atmosphere at the City of Manchester Stadium as its always nice to see things from all points of view. He fell sick the night before he was due to travel and was gutted by this, so he will pick a match and travel  up in the New Year to sample the delights of Eastlands and ill be able to post his thoughts on the set up then.

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