10 games remaining..

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With 10 games to go it is indefinitely a 2 horse race. For a few months or so some pundits believed that Tottenham had an outside chance, but with them now 14 points behind the leaders Manchester United with 10 games remaining, there title hopes are all but finished. Moreover, after City’s disappointing loss to newly promoted Swansea City, the football bets (unavailable to US customers) now back Manchester United to win their 20th league title and pip their opponents, come May. However, how can this be so? City have been top since Ocober, and now they are 1 point behind when there is still a possible 30 on the table.

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What now for Robinho ?

July 27, 2010 by · 3 Comments
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Robson de Souza, better known as Robinho, is undoubtedly one of the most talented and skilled footballers around. When he signed for Manchester City 2 years ago on deadline day, a few people were shocked. Every single Manchester City fan was ecstatic at their £32.5 million buy.

Oakwell Barnsley v Manchester City (1-1) 01/08/2009 Robinho (Manchester City) Photo Roger Parker Fotosports International

Nearly every fan has criticised Robinho and has been named a ‘flop’ on more than one occasion. I am going to be the first to jump to his defence. In Robinho’s first Premier League season, he scored 14 goals and got 9 assists. That is an outstanding achievement for a Left sider attacking midfielder.

Moreover, then Robinho got injured. He suffered a hairline fracture playing for Brazil, and was out for several months. When Robinho was back, everyone was expecting miracles in a matter of weeks. With Bellamy excelling so well on the left hand side of midfield, Robinho struggled to break back into the side. However, every single game he then played, he was heavily criticised for not putting work into ‘tracking back’ or defending etc. But the season before he didn’t track back. you can’t compare Robinho and Craig Bellamy just because they play in similar positions. Bellamy is full of energy and pace and can get up and down, whereas Robinho is a tricky player who can cut inside, create and score chances.

Anyone who watched the World Cup will see that Robinho definitely isn’t a flop. He didn’t have a great season, but come on give him half a chance! He has his best to come, he is only 26 years of age. Robinho has many a time stated of his wish to stay in Brazil. The main reason for this is because he gets treated like a God there. Everyone loves him, it’s his place of birth and everyone looks up to him. However, in England, he gets completely torn apart by the press.

Robinho went on loan to Santos in January for 6 months and is expected to be back before Tottenham away, the first Premier League game.

Reports are that Mancini is to ask him to come back early, which means that he is well in his plans, as restrictions are that we have to name 25 man squad for the season. With City easily having the biggest squad in the Premier League, Mancini must definitley see Robinho succeeding in his last 2 years of his contract, and I couldn’t agree more.

City have signed a new left back, Kolarov from Lazio, and we definitely couldn’t play Kolarov and Robinho in the same team! They are both too attacking! But we could play Bellamy on the left, who can track back, then Robinho in the middle and Silva or Johnson on the right? We have too many options!!

What are all your opinions on Robinho? Where we going to finish? 3rd and get beat in the FA cup final is my guess!

By Callum Rothwell.