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Bitterness From The South Coast

Now, everyone has an opinion right? In Britain, we are privileged to be able to voice our views and, in football, it is no different. But it isn’t often that Manchester based reporters comment on the goings on of another club in the country. At the end of the day, what another club does is their business, right?

But I came across this little gem of an article this morning, which most of you may have read it already, about how City have failed to deliver despite spending £300m in transfer dealings. This is also despite the fact that the season has not yet started, a point that the reporter, Ian Darke, fails to acknowledge.

One question that Darke asks is why City have bought another left back when they have Wayne Bridge? It doesn’t take a genius to work that one out as it is clear that Bridge is not up to the City job. Should we just stick with a sub-standard player just because we already have someone in that position?

But wait, there’s more. He rants about De Jong who hasn’t created on defence splitting pass, he labels Yaya Toure as a £20m Barcelona reserve, and Jerome Boateng as Germany’s weak link. Now, Mr Darke may have been watching a different World Cup, but from what I saw of Boateng, who was played out of position in my opinion, he looked strong and composed, every bit an international defender.

But then, Mr Darke tops it all off by saying we would have been better to buy Boateng’s brother, Kevin Prince. Why’s that Mr Darke? Is that so Portsmouth could have charged us the Earth for him and helped your club out of their dire financial situation?

I would have expected this sort of stuff to have come from a blog site somewhere, not a published article from a supposed journalist working for a local newspaper. What must the Portsmouth fans think of this? Logging on to read some local news and discover that one of their guys is obsessed with Manchester City signings.

I find it amusing and ironic that we are coming in for criticism about our spending from a club that couldn’t control their own finances. If I was a journalist in Portsmouth, I’d be reporting on what Portsmouth are doing to improve their financial status, rather than concentrating on a team at the opposite end of the spectrum.

Check out the full article at:

And just to rub salt into Mr Darke’s seriously deep wounds, City are rumoured to tying up the deal for Kolarov today. Does that hurt?



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