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City asked to please ban the Vuvuzela.

As requested my many city fans who have left their thoughts and commons on here the request for the ban of the Vuvuzela has been passed on to the powers that be at the City of Manchester Stadium and at present are awaiting the response from the club with that  being said watch this space for any developments on this matter.
However one comment opened a new question of do you think the pre match is over the top with the  music ?

 This comment was from Peter Doherty,

“Not only should we ban the vuvuzela, we should also protest about the disco that precedes every kick-off and stops any atmosphere developing at the ground…”

I do agree the music levels can be high but some fans get right into the match day soundtrack which peaks with Fatboy slims –   Right Here, Right Now

I asked the the question should City ban the Vuvuzela the answer is Yes !  now I ask does anyone else feel the music is robbing the pre match build up ?

Should it be up to the fans to get out there and sing from the moment we take our seats and make the atmosphere that defines a club ?

Or is the Music and build up with the large screens showing images and re runs of past glories all part of the Match day experience for you ?

I again leave this delicate question to the views and opinions of the City faithful.



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