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City Faithful have spoken so let it be done !

Yesterday I put forth the question should City ban the Vuvuzela ?  well seems from the comments left  the answer is a outright Yes the plastic horn should be banned from Eastlands, The City, and the Country and deported back to its rightful place in South African football.

It would appear that Im am not the only one who feels the need to grab a packet of  disprin when we hear the deafening noise of the Vuvuzela.

how to go about it well if you agree with the ban its very simple leave a comment on here, im sure myself or Pete can get the comments  passed on to those that would control such matters at the ground or you can just E-mail the club and express your feelings on the matter directly that’s is if you agree or disagree with the proposed ban I’m sure the people of City will want both sides of the story however as I said above its pretty much a one sided answer.



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