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City “Flavourless and and lack Character” Claim Spurs Fans.

I in the last few days have debated with myself over writing this article. That fact is, I should have been the bigger man and left it, However I woke up today and said screw it !

Tornado Yid of the Vital Tottenham  Hotspur Site wrote a piece called,                                                               “Why Spurs will pip ‘Flavourless City’ again……”

While the writer of this piece tries to say he has no negative feelings and so on about City, He as a Spurs fan prefers Arsenal above City. That is really some statement to come out with from a Spurs fan Ive been to North London and have seen first hand the rivalry between these two clubs.

Apart from the mercenaries City sign, and the lack of togetherness at our club, which according to this man its “blatant to see for even the most hardcore City fan” it seems he also has a problem with the cash flow at City, I know nothing new there then! The writer goes on to compare City to an omelette with broken eggs all the place.

He goes on to say Spurs are like a curry !! Well he did compare Harry to a Michelin star Curry ? funny thing about a Curry if you get a dodgy one and lets face it Harry is a s dodgy as they come (court case pending) it can come out sort of like Tornado Yid full of  Shite !! Levy is a shrewd Chef putting the Curry together, Modric is a fine wine, Van der Vaart is a Chilli , and Bale is a meatball ? I know what your thinking What a load of ….., you need to read this to believe it.

Lets face it anyone who has been down London knows there is plently of Curry shops the challange is to find one that is small and humble and cares about the food. If Spurs were a curry you can except food posioning and a long spell on the bog, Modric a fine wine last time I checked Croatian wine wasnt in the fine wine class, pop down the Aldi pick up a bottle and mix with that Curry and your going the hospital !!

However if you go up the Sevens Sisters Road you will notice one thing about the London Club Spurs a loyal following of football fans, after reading his artcie by Torando Yid, Id look and see Spurs fans as arrogant and smug since they got 4th spot, I know this one idiot doesn’t speak for all Spurs fans, I know quite a few and are great supporters of football, and have respect for other teams and supporters even Arsenal !!

Im only having a pop at them because of one fan, who happens to write for one of the biggest premier club online news outlets. To be fair I like the football Spurs have been playing and have hugh respect for the Club and fans.

To launch such an attack at City for no reason were not even playing them. The fact we this season can challenge for a shot at the title and Champions league football. This appalling attack on a team that week by week is building a team that can challenge not only the best teams in England but the best teams of Europe. Low and behold any team who tries to do so must be put down and ridiculed. I hate Mouthy, Cocky, Arrogant people who slate other clubs, for no reason than they believe they are superior.

I don’t normally stoop down to this level but I had enough of it !! City are doing it becoming stronger together as a team and playing some great football. Even when City were caught cold against Everton in the first 20 min 2-0 nil down, they picked themselves up and played Everton of the pitch and were unlucky not to get the draw, hitting the post, inches over the bar, just plain unlucky, the play and passing was great and made be believe right to the final whistle that it could be done and in recent years thats saying something. City are starting to believe in themselves and looking like a team that can contend for silverware and for City fans its about time.

Tornado Yid have your say, your so called Facts in your piece, are in Fact a show of your ignorance.



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