City in the summer transfer window ?

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What a great season, what can be said City win the FA cup and manage to take 3rd spot and avoid the Champion league play offs. City fans everywhere are still pinching themselves in disbelief.

Its summer time and that means the papers go into over drive on the transfer front. Tevez is leaving Balotelli is joining Milan and so on. Funny thing about the transfer window is nobody is going anywhere until the ink hits the paper its just that simple.

City are looking to tempt Bolton with a swap deal ?     Mancini has fallen out with Marwood and Cook over transfer policy ?  Tevez has given a radio interview in Argentina where hes proclaimed he is the second coming of Jesus Christ and will only play for Chelsea ? the last one would be the sort of made up lies you will find in the Sun and copied and repeated by Tribal. The point is were going to see  a lot of this in the coming weeks how true the rumours are is anybody’s guess.

City however are sure to sell and buy in the window (as sure as you are to get US free bets offers in your inbox). I say this because I believe that Mancini will want a squad of players who understand how important it is to have depth and quality in the squad and not complain if you are not picked every week because is a team effort. That and at present City have a load of players on loan who just weren’t needed. I should point that the  players on loan were all bought under Mark Hughes.

Adebayor on loan at Real Madrid, has made it very clear he has no intention of  a return to Manchester.  My view ?  fine stay in Spain suits you better Ade, your lazy and really don’t get the offside rule.

Wayne Bridge on loan at relegated West Ham. Wayne is a really nice bloke and has come in for stick in the past from City fans. I for one think he has a lot more to his game than he has shown us in the past. However Mancini if the papers are true doesn’t see him the plans for the future as Aston Villa look like to be a new start for Wayne.

Craig Bellamy on loan at home town Cardiff.  Bellers has said he loves playing for boyhood team Cardiff. Bellamy has tons of pace and can read a game, he can finish with a class touch, has a well noted passion in the dressing room. Craig for all the god given talent has one major problem in his fitness has problems playing a string of games that in mind hard to see  Mancini giving him the recall.

Nedum Onuoha on loan at Sunderland (Yes I know not a Hughes buy) but a quick mention.  Has it all strength, discipline, youth, Ned is a welcome addition to any Premier side. Loaned out for the season and has again proved his worth at Sunderland.  A story has been doing the rounds that City would like to use Ned on a swap, and young City starlet Boyata on a loan deal to land Gary Cahill. Bolton will have trouble holding on to defender Gary Cahill in the summer he has had a great season. Why Cahill for City ?I don’t know Kompany and Lescott have been great in recent weeks and are starting to gel.

Roque Santa Cruz – The ultimate Hughes must have.  Mark Hughes having great success with Santa Cruz at Blackburn went all out in signing him for City. £18m later for a player who was injured at the time we got Santa Cruz what followed ? No goals and more injuries. Roque is one of nicest people there is in football. Roque is a genuine bloke, has a lot of time for the supporters and the kids and should be an example to all professional footballers.  That been said its on the pitch the fans want.  He is able to spend so much time with the fans due to his injuries.

Tell us your views and predictions on the upcoming transfer window. Who will stay and who will go ?


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  1. Blue Phoenis on Thu, 26th May 2011 2:13 pm
  2. I drafted up a list of goers that would raise revenue to fund the likes of Sanchez, Baines, Cahill , Fabregas and Aguero.

    Shaleum Logan (ENG) (250,000 )
    Emmanuel Adebayor (TGO) – (14Million)
    Felipe Caicedo (5 Million)
    Kelvin Ethuhu Release)
    Wayne Bridge (4 Million)
    RSC (5 Million)
    Patrick Viera (Move to coaching team)
    Jo (7 Million)
    Stuart Taylor (ENG) (Release)
    Shay Given ( 7 Million)
    Craig Bellamy (4 Million)
    Gareth Barry (12 Million) (Tentative) Based on cover

    I won’t mention the Tevez thing as I hope he stays and we go from strength to strength.

    It’s certainly possible that Nedum will go to Bolton along with Boyata for Cahill with Boyata returning after a year as I think he’s a real prospect.

    Lets not forget about our youth system and the fact we have Cunningham at left back who I think was displaying that we was the real deal prior to his loan and injury. Mancini has sampled players rightly and loaned them out to develop them and not just to get rid of them I hope they can see that. Rumors that Guidetti is doing a Sturridge on us I hope not he’s got a good future…

    I want SWP to stay as he is inspiration to the youth and other city Graduates and gives his all when called upon albeit he failed to keep hold of the ball sometimes because he moves even too fast for his ability at times.

    We also have coming through the ranks Razak who looks handy, Warbara and McGivern who can be utilized to some degree defensively next season and increasingly in future seasons.

    Whether Gai Assulin will be deployed yet I don’t know, harry Bun might get a shout and even Ibrahim could be back in favour in the middle.

    Essentially I think we will see some aging players go unless they are top notch and those who haven’t made it will be out to free up wage structure.

    I don’t really have a good reason for Barry going except to say that perhaps Mancini wants to bring in a better player along the lines of De Jong for that position. Having said that I’d be perfectly happy for GB to stay and to achieve more of what he has come to City for.. incidentally he and Milner are now justified for coming by now winning the FA cup and qualifying for the CL.

    Looking forward to some two way traffic in the transfer window… bring it on!

  3. Sofcookies on Sun, 5th Jun 2011 8:36 pm
  4. Mancini has been working towards a plan and it is not co-incidence that every player who has spoken out was put out on loan. Those that stayed, even Tevez knuckled down and stopped complaining about Manini, only about Manchester in general.

    He will make changes and we will see some players go but I am definately of the opinion it will only be a few players coming in and the bulk of our players will stay. The biggest regret is Caceido being allowed to go for a ridiculously low sum of money. The boy had talent at MCFC and was played out of position.

    I cannot wait for next season, it is going to be fantastic.

  5. Eduard Smith on Thu, 9th Jun 2011 4:21 pm
  6. Ryan Giggs durex player of the year lol lol

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