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City Needn’t Be Concerned Over UEFA Ruling

Okay, so Michele Platini looks to have got his way over Europe’s big spending clubs and his plans to tackle overspending could be implemented by the start of the 2012/13 season. Should we be worried about what Platini has panned for teams like City?

Recent news reports have mentioned City’s potential participation in Europe as being under threat due to the fact that we are owned by mega-rich Sheikh Mansour, who is apparently using his money to buy new players rather than the money generated by the club, which will be against the ruling once it is in force.

The proposals are aimed at clubs who spend beyond their means and with City’s reported £93m loss last year, they are obviously prime candidates to fall foul of Platini’s latest brainchild. But, should the plans go through, they will not come into force until 2012, giving City two years to buy the players we need and start winning trophies again. Not only that, but finances will then be monitored over a three year period, meaning that the first time clubs could face barring from European competition is 2015.

Now, call me optimistic, but I for one would not imagine City will still buying half a team or more every summer in the next five years without getting something in return. And if we are, then there would be something seriously wrong with the signings being made. Last season’s summer bonanza is probably the only time it will happen at the club, despite the rumoured millions set to be spent this year.

Once the nucleus of the team in place we will only need to buy two or three players in the summer at that so it is likely that, by 2015, the club will be spending well within their means and under no threat from being banned in European competition.

However, the club that should be most concerned is Chelsea. Since Roman Abramovich took over in 2003, they have won the Premier League twice, the FA Cup three times and the League Cup once, while finishing runners up in the Premier League three times, League Cup once and Champions League once, yet they are still running at a loss.

So I don’t see any reason to be concerned just because we ran a loss last year. By 2015, the club will be in a healthy position and unaffected by Platini and his UEFA cronies.



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