City stuck in the toffee

May 8, 2011 by
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Well another day of throwing a game away to Everton.

Really did think City would pull it this time shows how fickle football can be. It is a massive pressure clash on Tuesday now for Spurs and City do or die time.

 Spurs got a draw which is a lot better than a win, but the  begs the question if Spurs and City draw and  Liverpool beat Fulham can Liverpool hope to clinch forth spot with the two games left ?

Citys run in is as follows,

Spurs at Home.

Stoke at Home.

Bolton away.

Liverpool’s run of form lately is impressive whatever Kenny has done its bringing the best out of them.

With Bale now a no show for Tuesdays game can City dig deep and shows us that the team can do it when it really matters,  just like they did in the semi final against Untied. Followed by the big day in London the F.A. CUP FINAL,  (I love even typing it )

Stoke had a good win against Arsenal and are looking sharper and playing more football than ever. Hard team to beat as City fans know from last season. Stoke again on the Tuesday at home really do hope City have the cup to lift that night. Away to Bolton who will be a challenge for the finale of the season

Its a long  2 weeks that will  tell  us how the cookie crumbles.

How do you think the run in will unfold ?


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  1. Crabman on Sun, 8th May 2011 8:28 pm
  2. Regardless of any other results, one win and we’ve done it. Frankly if we can’t get 3 points from those matches, we don’t deserve to be in the CL. Liverpool’s good form has mainly been at home and I think they have two away matches to come. Also Spurs will not be easy for them. A point on Tuesday and in all liklihood we’ll be in the top 4. I don’t think we will miss out this year.

  3. Pete on Sun, 8th May 2011 8:51 pm
  4. A win against Spurs should seal 4th place. Maybe the cup final or Spurs was on the players mind a little.

    Spurs are getting some bad results of late so we need to take advantage but a point against them and a win against Stoke will seal 4th.

    Anyone noticed how everyone’s raving about Stoke? Seen loads of comments saying Stoke will win the cup, there’s no pressure on them etc. Everyone in England apart from City fans want Stoke to win next week.

    Wonder how biased ITV’s commentary will be on Saturday

  5. Brian Roban on Sun, 8th May 2011 9:50 pm
  6. Itv will be all Stoke as will most proberly most football fans those in red will be praying for a Stoke win. Looking forward to Tuesday hope yaya has another goal in him. Who will start ballotelli of dezko ?

  7. Pete on Sun, 8th May 2011 11:07 pm
  8. got a feeling dzeko will start and balotelli will be saved for saturday

  9. Jimmy on Mon, 9th May 2011 8:12 pm
  10. I think the final was absolutely on the players mind against golums lot. When everton started going for it the commitment required to win challenges went, who wants to get injured and not make history? The players know what’s required. I see a tentative performance against spuds too and expect a draw, a win would be great but these players understand what winning that first trophy means to the fans, particularly given the rags get a 19th title on the same day. Losing the final isn’t an option!

  11. Brian Roban on Tue, 10th May 2011 10:59 am
  12. They will try to overshadow the final with a victory over Blackburn. 4th is just as important as the cup. City need the revenue from the champions leauge to keep in line with the financial fair play rules losing to Spuds is unthinkable.

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