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Fantasy Football Update

Okay, time for an update on our Fantasy Football.

Still out in front setting a tremendous pace is Lexington Steele FC, who has been at the top of the table since the start. Loco F.C and Mullsters are second and third with Yaya’s Silva Boat and Madchester are still up there.

Of our writers, Brian Roban’s Manchester is Blue are sitting pretty in eighth place, marginally above Jake’s Hartley’s Heroes in 19th. I told you I was on the way back. After sitting at the bottom of the table for a few weeks, my Hinchcliffe 5-1 has finally started to shine. Okay, so I’m second from bottom but at least I’ve moved up a place. Season’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Taking my place at the foot of the table is Vegan FC on 236 points, while our only resident United Fan, United689908 is just above Hinchcliffe 5-1.

In order to try and improve my status, I have sacked off the hooker f***er Rooney and replaced him with United’s in form striker Berbatov. I know what you’re saying but normally what happens is, when I select a striker, they stop performing so in theory, Berbatov should be crap again by this time next week.

Anyway, I’ve attached the full table so you can see it for yourselves.

1 Lexington Steele FC 41 362
2 Loco F.C. 48 350
3 Mullsters FC 77 347
4 Yaya’s Silva Boat 47 331
5 madchester 44 326
6 Y-Abu- Dhabi-Dooooo 52 320
7 Eggs on Toast F.C 43 314
8 Sky Blue Dreamin’ 59 312
9 weall8redscum 45 312
10 Manchester is Blue 33 307
11 Manchester1894 35 302
12 Rag Free Zone IV 44 301
13 Sky Blue Galacticos 41 301
14 Withyskinners 39 288
15 Eastlands 52 284
16 AFC Falastur 44 274
17 Hartley’s Heroes 51 268
18 Bootham FC 28 264
19 Here Come the Girls 42 258
20 EPLdreamteam2010-11 37 256
21 united689908 37 246
22 Hinchcliffe 5-1 42 243
23 VEGAN FC 42 236

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