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Fox Soccer Channel What A Joke !

I’m watching City v New York Red Bulls and what a joke it is and I though that Fox news were full of crap !

Adebayor was seen storming the fortress ?

Maybe the counter is on ? this when Red Bulls had got their ball just outside the box then passed back

Joe Hart helped Birmingham back to the premier league ? not once but twice that was said !

Taylor was in goal for the second half not in the Fox reporters eyes and they continued with  Joe Hart stopped the ball and so on ?

Henry gets the ball anywhere on the pitch and its time to raise the voice its the biggest load of arse licking crap Ive ever heard,

I don’t think anyone  told them he didn’t leave Barcelona for Red Bulls for footballing reasons or the fact that hes a washed up, hand balling,Irish world cup robbing,  Renault driving, Git !   ( lol pain hasn’t gone away yet  )

The Billionaires of Manchester with their top players Nimley,Jo, and Adebayor  for this all important match !!

leave it out we beat Barcelona in pre season last year so what !

I can understand they need to get the yanks into it but really what a joke.

They also made references to football hooligans by saying they had an educated crowd at the red bull stadium and that they were aware of the dark side of soccer ?

All that been said the match is poor so very poor, Jo missed a one on one sitter in the opening minutes shameful to be straight about it but did make up for it with a goal a little flick off his left foot close up on the fortress (lol)

Red Bulls were having a great day with City defence which was so poor it was embarrassing  Red Bulls Richards was given acres of space to score in fairness a nice goal as I said the defence was appalling.

The pre season doesn’t mean anything We all know this but the way City played was in short bad passing ,defending, and sitters missed looks like the lads have been partying it up in New York .

It was bad to lose to a MSL team but worse to listen the Fox Commentators.



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