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Green and gold ‘til the club is sold…………….again

Written by Steve Johnson

I have noticed a hell of a lot of green and gold scarves around Manchester lately

The colours apparently represent those of the inaugural club which Manchester united grew out of – Newton Heath FC

It is a new mass movement by united fans to oust the current glazier regime

The evil glazier regime who bought the majority of shares in a plc-They had no right!

The evil glazier regime who have been in charge during part of Manchester United’s most successful period in their entire history-How dare they!

The evil glazer regime whose ultimate plan involves united winning everything-KILL THEM!

The whole situation makes me laugh

I’m sorry but you reap what you sow

If united hadn’t become a plc all those years ago in 1991, and got all that lovely shareholder cash, would they have become the force they are today?


How do you think the current ‘best player on the planet’ Rooney was bought, Ronaldo too, Berbaflop, Veron, Hargreaves, Nani, Ferdinand-all multi million pound players paid for with this money

So if you want to boast about United’s success (which is all they do to other fans who have been foolish enough to support another club) accept that it costs money

And if you have to pay for it via debt then so be it!

Would any united fan seriously swap the amount of success they have had under the glazier regime for a few seasons with no trophies?

Would they have took one less champions league, 3 less titles, 3 less carling cups and the all rest for fan ownership


Sometimes you can’t have it all in this world

United fans may be used to having it all but do they really think that having 40 fans on the board all with their own thoughts and opinions on everything, from who should manage after Fergie to how much a pie costs, will be ultimately beneficial?

40 fans, who will not only have had to put a shed load of their own cash into the club, but borrow too! (yes they won’t be debt free-they will just have fans getting in debt on their behalf)

The  Cheesily named ‘red knights’ are saying they are doing it for the good of the club, but men with this kind of money are not just doing it for a laugh, surely they will want some serious input?

These guys will be used to being at the top of the tree wherever they have been for most of their lives-now they all have 1/40th of a say

I thought Keith Harris only had Orville to answer to

So to put it bluntly I think the green and gold brigade should shut up and let whatever happens happen

If they really want the club to be sold just don’t go, hit them where it really hurts via their major profit maker-ticket sales, but is that happening?


During a recent match I visited one of the OT exec suites and guess what I saw……. ‘green and gold’

You could not make it up! Idiots paying top whack for tickets and bad food but wearing the protest colours

……Talk about oxymorons! These guys can’t even grasp the basic concept

Lemmings spring to mind!

So to sum it up and put it bluntly, It seems to me that it’s just something to do when you are bored of winning everything and have nothing else to worry about

It is nice to know that some fans still believe in getting back to the roots of football but plc’s and Premiership money have made united what they are today

I guarantee if you asked any united fan what would they rather have;

The success gained from the point when MUFC became publicly owned in 1991?

Or take your chances at being owned by the fans during that period?

I know what they all would choose

Accept your fate United fans, you owe many happy years of success and trophies to Manchester united plc and all that comes with it

….even the glazers!



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