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Guardiola killed my confidence says RB Leipzig defender Angelino

Former Manchester City left-back Angelino has criticized Guardiola for killing his confidence at City.

Former Manchester City defender Angelino has criticized Guardiola for not trusting him and killing his confidence, before the 24-year-old signed for German side, RB Leipzig.

The Spanish defender joined Manchester City aged 16, before being subjected to multiple loan spells away from the club.

Angelino was on City’s books for more than four years before being sold to PSV in 2018, with the Premier League club then re-signing the defender the following season.

The left-back signed for RB Leipzig on loan last season and was part of the side that reached the semi-final of the Champions League.

The Spaniard is thriving in Germany and Leipzig made the decision last week to make the deal permanent.

Angelino re-signed for City in 2018.

Angelino has revealed that his development is down to Julian Nagelsmann having the ‘courage’ to use him from the start.

“I had a rest when I was with Pep for six months, that was enough,” he said.

“I don’t want it again. That’s why I want to be on the pitch. I don’t like being out. I am thankful that I get to play most of the time. I had enough holidays.”

Asked about Guardiola and Nagelsmann, he said: “They both like to play with the ball, get the ball quick, there is one thing that is a big difference – one gave me the confidence and played me and the other didn’t.

“So I am thankful to Julian for the trust and sometimes you need, I don’t want to use a bad word, you need courage to put a player and he did from the first game.”

Angelino is thriving under Nagelsmann in Germany.

He played 12 times in all competitions before first being allowed to join Leizpig on loan in January 2020.

However, he does not believe manager, Pep Guardiola, gave him the chance he deserved.

“It killed me,” said Angelino. “The confidence was everything, when you don’t have the trust of a coach it is everything.

“I was judged for pre-season, two games, and then I didn’t get my chance until a few months. It is hard to play one game every two months so I am just happy that happened so I could come here and meet Julian and everyone here.

“It was a 50/50 experience. On one side I really learned a lot from Pep, he improved me as a player on the pitch and I have to be thankful also for the experience.

“On the other side I didn’t play as much as I wanted to or I deserved.”

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