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Guilty Of Stupidity, But That’s About All

Kolo Toure faces a bit of time on the sidelines after his wife’s slimming pills are the suspecting fiends surrounding his drug test failure.

The defender has until Wednesday to decide whether or not he wants his B sample testing, which could potentially clear him if it comes back negative. If not, then Toure will have to provide an explanation for the failure and will also face a long ban from the game.

But if the reports that Kolo took some of his wife’s slimming pills to control is weight are true, then the defender is really guilty of one thing: stupidity.

Professional athletes are responsible for what goes into their bodies and a little simple check with the club’s anti doping officer, doctor or anyone else in the medical profession would have checked the pills concerned and confirmed whether or not they were safe to take.

Unfortunately in this case, Kolo didn’t do that and now could face up to two years out of the game, which will almost certainly end his City career. However, I personally don’t think that it will be that long, although his season could be over, due to the length of the disciplinary procedures involved.

Kolo’s case is similar to that of Sheffield United keeper Paddy Kenny, who was suspended for nine months after he was found to have a stimulant in his system. The player’s defence was that ephedrine was present in a cough medicine the player had taken, but his claims were dismissed. Again, a ban could have been avoided if simple checks had been made.

Another player who was suspended for drug use was, of course, Chelsea striker Adrian Mutu, however he tested positive for cocaine and was banned for just seven months but was sacked by Chelsea in any case.

It amazes me though, how a player can take a simple, legal cough medicine and be banned for eight months, yet another player can take an illegal substance and only get seven. Mutu should have been banned for the maximum time possible.

Of course, there will also be comparison drawn against Rio Ferdinand, who was banned for nine months after failing to attend a test, but the difference between the two is the fact that Kolo attended and failed while Ferdinand was out shopping instead and didn’t make the test, therefore incurring an automatic fail.

A ban for Kolo, especially at this stage of the season, would be a blow to the blues, but we have some strength at the back and hopefully his absence will not be too long. I don’t think he will receive a huge ban as the player’s lifestyle may also be taken into consideration.

What do you think about the situation? Let us know your thoughts.



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