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Have Your Opinion But Don’t Hide The Truth

I read an article on Friday that made me sick to my stomach. No doubt we as City fans are now all to aware that the world of football now see City in a different light from being a loved team and a neutrals favourite to being a hate figure and talking point for everyone with an opinion in the footballing world.

Its football and I was raised to respect all opinions whether to agree with them or not as everyone will have their own. Respect is shown and always given to those who bring valid point of view and are willing to engage in debate with others who may see the matter in a  different way.

However when people’s opinions are based on lies, make believe and fantasy, it’s different; they are no longer opinions and are fabricated facts to make the person seem like they know something about a matter they haven’t a clue about.

Examples include the following,

Paul Merson from Sky Sports 4!

While in recent weeks he has been proven wrong, his opinion of City stays the same, Paul doesn’t rate City at all and that’s fine. His opinions, while are a load of crap, are valid because they are not made up. He has the team sheet and team news in front of him and has made HIS views on them,  as HE sees it , wrong as they are. Fact is Paul is bad at his job and is biased. His opinions while wrong to us City fans are agreed upon by others in the same train of thought.

Scott from Rep of Manure !!

I mention this person because this is a little man writing week in and week out propaganda for Man U fans everywhere, While other blogs and fans sites are honest and open to fair comments and debate and are respected for the love of football in a true sporting sense, I will admit that all fans will have the biased, tinted glasses on for their own club, Scott likes to make up untrue facts and create a hate factor instead of a friendly rivalry.

An example being when Carlos Tevez signed for City. Scott was on of the first to attack the club, claiming the blues paid in excess of £40m for the striker, conveniently adding his wage packet onto the amount paid. He also got all his facts wrong when detailing the amount of appearances the Argentine made for United and was relentless in his written assaults. In fact, Scott went on so much about it, even his own readers eventually had enough and told him to quit.

He breeds hate among United fans with his lies and even trawls through blog sites looking for stuff to slate on his site, while other people would look and read through them as sports fans. If you read the comments left on the United blog pages and compare them to ones left on City pages you would see the aggressive side of a scared bunch of so called sports fans, who in all honestly have nothing to worry about if they are right, so why the obsession about what’s going on at Eastlands?

Fans who claim to love Manchester well if you are lucky enough to have more than one Champions League side in a city, as Ryan Giggs pointed out, is good for Manchester as a whole, more jobs are created and everyone from shopkeepers, Bar Staff, Hotels, Taxi men will profit and increase the value of the City. This from Ryan Giggs.

United fans however I’m sure are going through time at present with the Glazier’s bring the club down and players actions off the pitch effecting the team set up. I can understand looking across the City and seeing a smaller club, not even considered a threat two years ago, now buying up some of Europe’s top talent and a owner who has shown his intent to the club by putting a £1bn project together and then really showing commitment by putting another £1bn investment into the regeneration of East Manchester creating fantastic and stable job opportunities.

If City are a small club with a small mentality why then would they be worrying and writing articles everyday about a small club and how great they were? I say were because the power is slowly draining away. The so called smaller clubs are no longer terrified by them, knowing they can at least get a draw of them and on a good day beat them.

I write this because The Man City Blog is all open for debate I have the privilege to write about the club I love on here with some great people who feel the same about City. I don’t feel the need to make stuff up of fabricate lies to attract people to read like Scott or the Sunday papers. I simply write my honest and humble opinions and views on the premiership and City, while all the time having an open mind to other peoples views and opinions.

Now having said that if you were to ask the opinion of Real Mancs are Blue I sure he will say and tell you what we all really think of Scott !  Things I think but I’m to polite to say (lol)



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