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Ireland and the world have their say on City.

In the last week or so City have been the talk of the town.

With Fergie ranting on about Kamikaze spending, ( I think we are all sick of Real Madrid and their £80m super buys) however I was shocked to learn He may have been talking about City ! Fergie has become like a dog with a bone he just wont let it go, sad really. Its seems that Sir Alex of Trafford has City on the mind, Himself , Fletcher and  Neville seem to be spokesmen for the anti city movement , watch out for it seems to be broadcast a lot on Sky Sports.

Paul Merson , and Phil Thompson had a right go on Soccer Saturday last week before the Spurs game, saying City would be Lucky to finish 6Th and the spending was a disgrace , fair play to Matt Le Tissier who gave City 3rd spot. Merson and Thompson continued on an anti City rant saying they wont beat this team and they wont do that really tried to bring City fans down minutes before kick off.

Now Ireland has been the latest to speak out against the Club and the manager,  Ireland said  felt unwanted and feels it was unfair the way he was treated. Ireland was on fire during the 08/09 campaign no doubt about that at all winning player of the year along the way. Ireland did have Robinho and Elano who were at the time both happy and playing some nice football so it was not all a one man show. He at the start of the 09/10 season could not adapt to the way Mark Hughes wanted to set up his midfield and fell out of favour long before Mancini came along. when Mancini arrived he again had his own style of play and Yes maybe Ireland was not seen as part of his plans as is the way of  football. Lets face it Elano didn’t fit into Hughes plans but after what we seen of him at World Cup he had who wishes he was still in the Blue of City ?  Ireland will be one of those players who may have been a City legend. ( then again he may just be just a crazy midfielder for Cork with a fish tank he spent over £115,000 on ) He surely will be remembered by all City fans fondly as Superman.

Arsene Wenger love him or hate him he has at least has not gone down the road of the green eyed monster, He says  “We cannot be surprised because we knew once Abu Dhabi bought City, that at some stage they would spend money” have to give it to Wenger he understands that to get up there and compete with the top you have to have the players to do so. At present City have to use money to attract the big stars of world football, if however City should find themselves in the Champions League the pull of being in Europe’s Elite football competition will bring them in all the easier and the market prices will balance out.  Wenger also said as regards to Mancini  “But there must be a plan in it. Mancini is not stupid. He is an intelligent guy and he has his idea behind his buys.”  I think we are all aware that Wenger himself  is no fool and can see the bigger picture of what may be going on behind  closed doors at Eastlands.



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