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Is Video Technology The Way Forward?

I only watched a bit if the FA Cup final today but the part I did see was Didier Drogba’s free kick bounce off the crossbar and appeared to have crossed the line.

With Chelsea appealing for a goal, the commentator was crying about the injustice of not using video technology to decide in instances such as that. But would that sort of technology really improve the game?

For many years, the game has been embroiled in controversy over referee’s decisions. One of the most famous incidents was in 1980, when Clive Allen clearly scored for Crystal Palace, but the referee, after consulting with the linesman, disallowed the goal in believe that it had hit the crossbar and post.

More recently, Luis Garcia’s goal for Liverpool in the Champions League semi final and Spurs Pedro Mendes scoring at Old Trafford which was not given. But it is decisions like this that give the supporters the passion and provide talking points that can last for seasons. Taking the controversy out of the game would be killing the spirit of the game.

The debate has raged for many years now and one of the claims was to just use video replays to make the call on debatable goals. But would it really stop there? How long would it take before players and managers would be demanding replays for penalties, free kicks, corners and sending’s off? Before we would know it, 90 minute games would be lasting much longer, particularly if the game in question is a cup replay. Would that be fair on the supporters?

City have had their share of controversial decisions over the years as have other teams and of this is taken away, we might as well replace the referee and assistants with computers that can identify every foul or misdemeanour.

Personally, I think FIFA are right not to pursue the matter, but what do you think? Are FIFA wrong to continue as they are or is video technology the answer?



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