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Johnson the real story.

Last week City fans again suffered humiliation at the hands of the British press. This time City were ridiculed over comments made by a frustrated Adam Johnson who as a talent has came into the City side and really opened peoples eyes to show how good he is. Adam is now one of the most highly rated wingers in the Premiership with clubs wishing they had snapped him up before City. Adam is on form since joining last January and has proved easily he is worth an England call up, He was unlucky not to get on the team for the World Cup.

Adam last week  in frustration, that he would consider a move away from City if his situation did not improve. The situation he was referring to was not playing in every game.

It is understandable when a young player is on form and has a love for the game he will want to play in every game, Mancini being the manager may have a different out look on it as from the start of the season has clearly said a rotation policy would be in affect.

Adam this week having read his own words has realised just how far the negative City press would go with a moment of frustration and a slip up in an interview. As City again were belittled in the rags that pass for so called news reporting and journalism in Britain.

Adam has come out to put the record straight on what he said and fair dues to him as Mario Balotelli has not cleared up any off what hes supposedly saying to any reporter that will listen to him which in his case is a lot.

Adam had this to say on it,  He told the club’s official website,

“I said something in a moment of frustration and things can get blown out of proportion.

“I am happy here. I love playing football more than anything, and I’d love to play in every game.”

Recalling the speculation about his future, Johnson admitted his immediate thoughts were for the fans.

He explained: “The first thing I thought, when you read something like that, is the fans will think I want to get away.

“That hurt, because I care more about what the fans think than what anybody else thinks.

“I think the fans understand that I just want to play.

“When I play I try to give 100 per cent every time, and I think that comes across in the way that I play.”

I can totally understand were Adam is coming from if you are on top of your game and not getting played because of a rotation policy it must be really hard however with a large squad full of talent a sensible rotation policy should work we will find out over the next few games.

On a final note about this I didn’t see Adams interview and comments that he would be a “fool to quit City” and how happy he is at the club as widely reported as the one in the Rag the Scum Sun last week does make you wonder how much lower can so called journalism can go.

Ill be posting about Mario Balotelli and the press next, but I first will have to go and check out a few facts and find out what he has been saying in Italian.



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