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Kaka Talk Worrying

Manchester City is in a relegation battle. The owners and manager may not acknowledge it but those of us who have watched the club for a number of years are accustomed to the worry at this time of year. I’m really wondering why Hughes and the Abu Dhabi owners don’t simply pursue good domestic buys so the club can finish solidly mid table this season and then worry about splashy signings over the Summer. I’ve blogged a number of times on this subject. Wayne Bridge was a good signing: that’s the type of player that can enhance the squad: someone British who has experience playing football in England who can help the team safely glide towards a mid table finish.

Kaka for all his greatness, may not settle in right away and may provide more of a circus media wise which a club that is flirting with relegation cannot afford. I am surprised that Mark Hughes who understands British football well has not sought out more realistic and beneficial transfer targets.

Personally I think City may be dealing with a can of explosives. The team is not deep enough right now to ensure that relegation is avoided. The best players besides Robinho have all been young players like Caiecedo and Sturridge who are unproven over the long haul. I’d rather sign some more English vets like Bridge than chasing stars.  Not only does the squad lack quality and depth but also is constantly in flux which provides some less than professional footballers the excuse of not giving a full effort for 90 minutes or on the training ground.

The posts have been infrequent on this site the past week or so because quite frankly I’m waiting for something realistic to discuss, not outlandish bids for non English based players. Sadly, City has evidently chosen an unwise course forward.

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