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Liverpool new Boy Poulsen on City.

Liverpool new boy Christian Poulsen has given his opinions on City as is the fashion these days.

Poulsen has made comments concerning history and how big Liverpool are in Denmark, here is what the 30 year old Danes views are on City.

“You can’t compare City with the history of Liverpool and  United,” he said. “In Denmark we really love English football.

“It will take some time for City. Four or five years ago the Premier League was United, Liverpool,Arsenal and Chelsea.

“Now you have teams like City and Spurs. But in Denmark, Liverpool are No.1. You see the history, it’s really something special.

History is what has gone before and cannot be changed. Great things and terrible things alike stand in the past as a reminder.

In sport history only stands for past glories which fade into time, as the sporting world like time goes forward forging new champions and new memories.

History is not the here and now, or the future.  History does not win cups the players of today do .

Poulsen needs to remember one important thing,  history of great things lie on the shoulders of Liverpool and Untied players to produce even greater things as their fans are fickle and addicted to past glories. Time is already against you Christian.

The future however yet not written and never certain.

Keep your History lesson. City will write our own starting Monday night.

The future  is Blue , The future is  Manchester City .



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