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'Manchester' United In Embarrassing Website Gaff

Article by Real Mancs Are Blue
‘Manchester’ United, everyones second favourite green and yellow football club, have been caught up in an embarrassing website error reminiscent of Chelseas a couple of seasons ago.
We all remember that hilarious moment when Chelsea put Robinho shirts up for sale on their website, confident they were going to land their man, only to be left with egg on their face when Manchester swooped in in the dying minutes and scuppered the transfer.
This time it’s the turn of self proclaimed ‘biggest club in the world’ ‘Manchester’ United.

After the huge signing of Chris Smalling, own goal specialist, the Stretford money men were clearly confident of signing Mesut Ozil, Werder Bremen and Germany midfielder. So confident in fact that they proceeded to put his profile on their advert filled website.

The real difference is Robinho actually wanted to play for Chelsea and was almost there, Ozil on the other hand was about as far away from strolling in to the theatre of debt as Trafford is to the centre of Manchester.
In a season-break bereft with embarrassing for Glazers boys this was the real icing on the cake, once again showing that United had the intent to buy on the worlds top players but had neither the persuasive skills or cash to back up their ambition.  A problem that will only escalate in the future.
Anyway, I wish Ozil every success with Real Madrid, a club that is going places and undoubtedly the right choice for a player at his level, as for the green and yellow army………… better luck next time.
Real Mancs Are Blue



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