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'Manchester' United – The Snub List Grows And Grows

Article by Real Mancs Are Blue
It wasn’t so long ago that Stretford was the place to be, players from clubs around the world would walk over broken glass to play in front of 80 odd thousand cockneys just outside Manchester. Oh how times have changed.
The latest player to realise the tide is changing is one Mario Balotelli who is reported to have turned down a higher wage at Stretford in order to join Manchester City and be reunited with old manage Roberto Mancini. The truth is the rot set in long before this.
Carlos Tevez famously turned his back on the green and yellow army to move to Manchester, a controversial move that in some ways started the ball rolling and made some players realise that perhaps Carling Cup victories were the best United players might be getting in the future, and that maybe other clubs had the financial clout and settled environment to challenge at the very top.
Other players have been tracked by United for some time and yet once again they failed to get their man. David Silva, one of footballs brightest prospects immediately springs to mind, as does Yaya Toure, a player who himself has clearly stated he turned his back on the rags. The fact the four mentioned above all decided to join Manchester instead must hurt, really hurt for the green and yellow army, ‘tick tock tick tock’ springs to mind.
Of course, the list goes on and seems to be growing with increasing speed with Benzema being the latest to say ‘thanks but no thanks’ to Stretford’s thousands. I for one take no pleasure in this state of affairs. Seeing the Glazers make purchases such as the incredible Chris Smalling and watching Slur Alex squirm on Sky Sports, telling the world ‘there’s no value in the market’ as he looks on at the forlorn figure of Ditimar Berbatov, it is in some ways sad to see how the mighty have fallen. A club which has been renown throughout football for buying its way to success with numerous record breaking transfers being forced to sell of their prized assets to furnish their debts and scrabble around at the bottom of the transfer barrel.
Who will be next to snubs the mighty Green and yellows? Discuss below.



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