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Moyes Whinging? City Must Be Playing Everton

If I didn’t know this weekend’s fixtures, I would still know that City are due to play Everton on Monday thanks to David Moyes.

The Everton boss was deeply upset last season when the blues relentlessly pursued defender Joleon Lescott before the England man swapped Merseyside for Manchester prior to the summer transfer window closing.

Moyes then spouted off about how disgusting City were prior to both fixtures last season and on the eve of City’s home clash with the Toffee’s, he’s off again but this time about Carlos Tevez. Like the rest of the Premiership, Moyes has watched the Tevez affair unfold but claims he has little sympathy for the blues. 

“I have got a bit of sympathy for any manager who is in a situation like that. But I can’t really have sympathy with ­Manchester City. They will know how it feels now.

 We had to go through all that for a couple of months before we lost Lescott.”

Let’s just step back a little here. We will now know how that feels? This is City we are talking about. For years we have had clubs coming in and taking our top players and we allowed it to happen simply because we had to sell. We have known time and again what that feels like to see our stars lining up for someone else but we haven’t continually gone on about it.

We all know the situation last year, but to continually bring it up every time we are due to play Everton is going to get very boring and it won’t be long before the club’s own supporters will be telling him to shut it.

It’s about time he grew up a little and moved on.



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