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New season is here thank God.

The new season is starting today with City away to last seasons biggest rivals Spurs I awoke in a great mood. Only to turn on sky sports and see another city player moaning about this and that. In the last few weeks we have seen,
Given issue a play me or I’m off warning,
Bellamy giving an interview to Sky which has in all fairness been his swan song for city,
Robinho and his never ending fantasy of getting paid to work from home in Santos,
Tevez and his I don’t want to play football anymore couldn’t be arsed because we didn’t win the world cup .
Now new signing Balotelli and I didn’t want to leave Italy at all, only a day after he signed !
All I ask for and I’m sure most of the fans would agree, please take your wages as agreed and do your job you signed on for in the contract.
If you have nothing nice to say keep it shut show some loyalty to the club and fans who pay your massive wage demands.
Thank God for the start of the new season it will give the players something to think about ! Spare time and footballers thinking really is a dangerous mix .

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