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Not Fit To Wear The Shirt – Or The Bib

That’s my honest opinion of Mario Balotelli.

The striker again received his marching orders following a disgraceful high-footed challenge on Kiev’s Goran Popov with the score at 0-0. Aleksander Kolarov scored a few minutes later but the hill City had to climb after losing the first leg 2-0, turned into a huge mountain. I’m not going to say that his sending off cost us the tie, but it certainly didn’t help.

Faced with scoring another two goals to stay in the competition, City were lucky not to see Carlos Tevez sent off early in the second half for a high challenge, but I think the referee, who had already endured the wrath of the City faithful, lost his nerve a little and only booked the Kiev man.

But, not for the first time this season, it will be Balotelli who will again be making the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Last week, he had an ‘allergic reaction’ on the pitch due to the wrong type of grass and this week it’s a stupid, reckless tackle that cannot even be classed as a tackle.

If Balotelli wants to have a career at any club, not just City, he needs to grow up and play the game that way it should be played. I look around at some of the young players in the Premiership, younger than the Italian, and they play with so much more maturity and Balotelli would do well to take a leaf out of their books.

But in my personal, honest opinion, I think we would do much better if we got shut of this idiot. Yes he can score goals, yes he can play, but do we really want the baggage that comes with it?

 I don’t like to end a rant like this on a dismal note, so I thought I’d share this link with you. If he has so much trouble putting on a bib, how does he get his shirt on?



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