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Not Ready

Hate to say it but Wednesday’s defeat to Everton was a clear indication that the blues are not yet ready for the Champions League.

I can imagine the abuse that I will come in for in saying this but it is a simple matter of pressure handling and right now, City are not up to the task.

On Wednesday, we had a glorious chance to move into fourth yet blew it. Yes Everton are a decent side but if we can’t take an opportunity when it is presented to us, how could we possibly expect to stay there for the remainder of the season?

If we had won against Everton, how long would we have been able to hold onto fourth place until we cracked under the pressure? And if we do qualify for the Champions League, how will the team handle the pressure of the extra games?

There is still the possibility that we will finish fourth but a huge amount of pressure has now moved from us and passed onto Spurs and it is now up to them to stay there. The focus has shifted on to them now and if they lose their nerve, City, Liverpool and Villa will be in the wings waiting to pounce on any slip.

Roberto Mancini is still moulding his side and, should he remain at Eastlands next season, will build a squad that can handle pressure in the way a trophy winning team should be assembled.



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