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Opposite View – Blackpool

For this week’s opposite view, MCB has visited the seaside to ask BFC Blog John a few questions. It was a wasted trip as John now lives in Didsbury. So we tracked him down in a local pub to ask him a few questions about Blackpool and Sunday’s game.

Hi John and welcome to Man City Blog’s Opposite View. I’ve got to say that I wanted Blackpool more than Cardiff to make it to the Premier League and it’s good that you’re back, although I might not be saying that at six o’clock on Sunday.

But after spending so many years in the lower divisions, did you ever think you’d see your team playing in the Premiership?

No, Championship at best. Even when we go into the league you could see the massive difference in the clubs, teams had a couple of players that cost a couple of million while we had players on frees or 100k here and that.

Blackpool were branded the ‘whipping boys’ before a ball had been kicked. Did you think that before the season began or was there an inkling you could spring a surprise or two?

I think that there are going to be times when we get whipped, Arsenal and Chelsea but we were always going to win a few. We beat Everton and Wigan last year so we knew that we had it in us to get results. I also knew that we would surprise a few people with our style of play, it’s expected for us to stick 10 men behind the ball, but we don’t play that way.

Wigan 4-0, Newcastle 2-0 and Liverpool 2-1 means Blackpool have the best away form in the league. Can they maintain it?

I think so, but with picking up the odd thrashing here and there. The problem is if we continue to do that teams will start to take us a little more seriously and raise there game.

Wigan and Stoke are two unfancied teams that have established themselves in the Premier League. Will Blackpool make it a hat-trick?

Could be a possible but would be a major achievement considering that Wigan did it with the deep pockets of Mr Whelan and Stoke did it with a bit of money and kicking people about.

If you haven’t played them already, which match this season are you most looking forward to?

Both Manchester teams as I live in Didsbury so it’s a local match for me. I’ll be very proud to get the 42 bus up to the city and walk about Piccadilly Gardens to a pub in my colours.

Turning to Sunday’s game, Blackpool are yet to win at home this season. Do you have high hopes for Sunday?

Nope, we should lose. But that’s the greatest part of the season so far. We should lose every single match considering the difference in calibre. That lake of expectation means our players and fans can go into every match with no fear of losing. When you play football with no fear you can get results when you’re not meant to get results.

Who in the Blackpool squad will pose the biggest threat to City?

I think that Luke Varyney and Gary Taylor-Fletcher can be a threat. Then fancy a run at players and don’t really have a fixed position which is great as they can be hard to pick up. Both of them were involved with the goals at Liverpool.

And who from the City team will Blackpool not relish playing against?

Nobody, I think our players with be looking forward to testing themselves again players that cost more than our entire team. They’ll want to know if they can handle Tevez and keep Johnson quiet.

What do you think the score will be?

Head says 1-3 to City, heart wants a 2-1 win for Pool.

Where do you think Blackpool will finish this season?

Fourth from bottom will do.

Hope you finish higher. And what about City?

4th, which should give your manager another year in the job.

Finally, who is your tip for the title?

Chelsea, Ashley Cole and Drogba really do put that team on another level from the rest.

Thanks John. Good luck for the rest of the season (after Sunday) and I really hope you stay up for a long time although if you beat us, I might just change my mind.

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