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Republik Of Mancunia Does It Again!

Article by Real Mancs Are Blue

As an avid Manchester City fan I have to confess ‘Republik Of Mancunia’ is my favourite comedy site.
For those of you that don’t know it’s written by a little Irish fellow by the name of ‘Scott the red’; a boy who has perhaps the greatest grasp of irony and satire in football.
Scott pretends to be a United fan while at the same time posting hilarious satirical articles mocking other teams, you really should take a look.
A recent classic was ‘This is how it feels to be City’ where he went about mocking Carlos ’28 in 30′ Tevez, Manchester City captain. One of the best lines was
With the Argentinian bordering on depression since joining the blue side of Manchester, repeatedly talking about giving up football and slagging off his manager in the press, he has even given up on his dream of returning to Argentina to play football. When at United, just over a year ago, he looked forward to years with us before settling back in Argentina.
I’m sure I need to point out the irony. I wouldn’t get ‘Shrek’ on your shirt next season Scotty ;).
A few days later our little Irish buddy seemed to be ahead of the pack when the rumours transpired that Stretford’s talisman and granny bummer Wayne Rooney didn’t want to play with average players. Sadly he has now deleted the article where he claimed to have ‘insider knowledge’ of the situation and that it was ‘complete and utter bollocks’. It seems Scotty knew about the deal, knew that Slur Alex’s ‘huge wage offer’ wasnt enough and decided to to stick the knife in while the story was hot. Brilliant. stuff
Once again our Scott has hit the nail on the head. We should give this character a place on the official City website, not since Paul Calf have we seen such comedic timing and subtle humour about the only premiership club in Manchester
Keep up the great work Scotty babes !



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