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Robinho: Another Brazilian Flop in England?


Brazilians don’t win in English Football. For all the accomplishments of the Brazilians in World Football they have not conquered England. Perhaps the most influential Brazilian in the Premiership was Juninho at Boro, but even he could not stop the Teeside club from being relegated.

Simply being strong in world football does no’t translate to all styles of play or climates. For example English players have traditionally struggled in Major League Soccer in the US. David Beckham is merely the latest English player to flop in the American league which features lengthy travel, alternating altitudes and poor football facilities.  Yet the English players who have moved to the US and failed have generally been more skillful and football savvy than the Americans who have been successful at their expense.

It’s been obvious to me for many years that Brazilians thrive in German or Italian football while often struggling in Spanish football and usually flopping entirely in British football. Brazilian players including Robinho lack the discipline to play a long ball tactical approach and often times lack the conditioning to play at a high level for 90 minutes on challenging wet pitches. The fact that most pitches in England are also narrower than pitches in Germany or Italy (or Japan or Saudi Arabia for that matter) affects the Brazilian game.

Chelsea however after being burned with the hiring of a Brazilian manager seems ready to make another fatal mistake in their drive from being the runaway top Premiership club a few years back to perhaps missing the Champions League in the near future. Press reports indicate Robinho is still coveted by Chelsea and the west London club is willing to part with England Captain John Terry in return this summer.

From my vantage point, this would be like stealing for City. As we discussed repeatedly on this site during the January window, signing English based targets who can play for a Welsh manager is critical. Being able to swap an ineffective malconent for the England captain almost seems too good to be true. Perhaps it is.



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