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Sergio Aguero’s contract renewal remains on a standstill

Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero’s contract renewal situation remains on a standstill.

According to journalist Lucas Scagliola, Aguero’s contract situation is on pause for the moment.

Sergio Aguero’s contract runs out next summer. The Argentine has been a part of City for 10 years. This may be the time for a sad goodbye.

Earlier, Man City were happy to let the decision of renewing his contract rest with Aguero. But, in the past few weeks, the club have become proactive in finding his successor.

There is yet no clarity over whether Aguero is going to stay or go. Many close to the player do believe that he may be inclined to leave. Since he will become a free agent next summer, Aguero is free to negotiate with other clubs from January.

A recent insight from Jose Alvarez does state that Aguero may be interested in joining Barcelona next summer. A chance to play with his best friend Lionel Messi is very enticing to the striker and he may not pass it up.

Man City are starting to actively search for Aguero’s successor at the club.

Top strikers such as Erling Haaland, Kylian Mbappe and Latauro Martinez are being looked at. Latauro Martinez is looking as the most natural choice. He also comes with a great recommendation letter from fellow compatriot Sergio Aguero.

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