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Should City ban the Vuvuzela ?

Today Arsenal followed Spurs, West Ham and Birmingham and banned the the dreaded Vuvuzela from the Emirates Stadium the question stands now to the City faithful how do you feel about this plastic headache ?

I will be out straight on my feeling for this so called culture item of South African football and I am well aware that the politically correct police will regard this as very unpoliticaly correct but I think many many people agree it ruined the atmosphere for all other countries from the official brass band sent out for the England side and samba beats of Brazil to the chants of U.S.A all drowned out by this no tune piece of plastic that has a louder sound than a chainsaw.

I’m amazed that a Country like South Africa who have no less than than eleven official languages all who have their own beautiful individual cultures which we did not get to see and feel during the world cup on match day was so disappointing for me as I love seeing thirty two countries coming together and celebrating their own way of cheering on their national team but if this really is the South African way that’s fine and I can respect that however that’s South Africa and that was the World Cup we live and breathe the Premiership week in and week out each team has their own identity and own unique sound which should never be lost to a hopefully passing craze.

Now the Vuvuzela if given half a chance by away fans it will mark my words drown out  Blue Moon, Fergie sign him up,  Bellamy, Ireland is superman and so on !

The question stands to all City fans how do you feel about it like me hate and despise the the Vuvuzela and think its just a stupid cheap  plastic headache ? or do you feel that its the new sound of football and think it brings a good atmosphere to the ground so the premiership clubs should embrace the future and wave goodbye to the traditional chants and songs ?

I personally would love to see more fans getting right into for the full 90 minutes and singing and cheering their hearts out.

I say this with the up most respect but at time during games Eastlands seems to go quite and from time to time the official Man City web site and blogs from all over on many occasions have called for fans to give more on match day and get in the spirit and right behind the team I hope with all the new things going on around the club we could pull one thing from the past and that would be the sounds a lot of fans believe we left at Maine Road.

Do you think City should follow others teams in the premiership and ban the Vuvuzela ?



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