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Shut Up Robinho !

The king of Brazil Robinho, had a few parting comments for the people of Manchester and the Club as a whole.

Here are the reason Robinho failed in the premiership.

“Neither Hughes nor Mancini understood me,”

“Perhaps they only believed in the sporting side of things, but that wasn’t enough for me”.

“I am Brazilian and I can’t offer my best performance if I’m not happy in every aspect of life”.  (I love this one, so when  it rains Robinho  is not happy)

“That was my problem. I am a special footballer and I need to be happy when I’m playing. That was the case at Real Madrid but never at City. Perhaps I should never have left Real Madrid.”

If memory serves  me correctly did Robinho not cry and throw a hissy fit to be allowed leave Real Madrid ? The fact he refers to himself as special is a bit well, big headed? He brought up the Elano situation and was then going on about how the two of them are in the Brazilian team, who by the way were not well received in Brazil when they failed to bring home the World Cup. Its seems Robinho holds himself  in highest regard

Robinho proved again and again that could not cut it England or Spain the very place he should have never left or was that Brazil ? Robinho talks so much Crap its hard to keep up with what P.R. drama is coming this week. Santos was his preferred choice only two or three weeks ago.

To top if off Robinho who comes from Brazil, were poverty is widespread and people are forced to live in tin shacks in slums called Favela’s tells us,

“MANCHESTER IS AN AWFUL PLACE TO LIVE” ! (Must be great to be blinded by money)

Well in fairness that was down to the dark nights the rain fall and the cold weather in Manchester.

Does anyone think he checked the weather for Milan before he signed ? I think he may get a shock when its starts to rain and its cold in winter months ?

Robinho and his excuses don’t wash for me he will try his hardest this season for Milan followed by more of the same We has to witness at Eastlands. The Milan fans will have less time for him and his excuses wont wash there either.



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