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Sneijder Impersonates Broken Record

Dutch star Wesley Sneijder has made an impersonation of a broken record by telling City that money alone will not buy success.

“They are spending a lot of money and they are good players, but you cannot buy a good team,” said the Dutchman, who has become the latest in a series of non-City connected player to make comments regarding the clubs wealth. “You can buy good players, but you have to make a team and you need the right coach there.”

Sneijder was a member of the Real Madrid side that for some reason paid £130m for Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka, but didn’t manage to overcome the power of Barcelona and he subsequently move to Inter Milan.

But Sneijder’s comments are just the latest to hit the blues in the two years that ADUG have been in control at Eastlands. For the first few months, there was barely a week that went by without someone saying ‘money won’t buy you success,’ or ‘money isn’t everything’ and I thought that, almost three years down the line, we would have gone beyond this, but clearly some people can’t let it go.


The question is though, what the hell does the wealth of a club in the northern part of England have to do with Wesley Sneijder? Why is someone like him commenting on our financial status? Is he trying to engineer a move to Eastlands? 

I don’t understand why players not connected with City in any way, shape or form feel the need to be commenting on us so will someone please change the record?

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