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So We Make It To Second Place, Then This

After a good 3-1 win at West Ham, the blues move into second place in the league but were then stunned by Carlos Tevez handing in a transfer request.

The Argentinean certainly has a lot on his mind at the moment, with his family based back in Argentina and he plying his trade over 7,500 miles away. That must be difficult in itself.

Then there have been the much publicised spats with Roberto Mancini, the latest of which came in last Saturday’s victory over Bolton, when the pair were seen having a heated discussion following his substitution.

The blues are going through a very good run at the moment and have been unbeaten since October. This is a situation that is unwanted and, quite frankly, unwarranted. The club have made every effort to accommodate the striker in his difficult situation and Mancini has put the arguments the two have had aside for the sake if the club.

But it seems that being made club captain, highest paid player and being idolised by the supporters is just not enough for Tevez. Many players would probably give anything to be in Tevez’s position and, while we can understand his unhappiness at being away from his family, he shouldn’t be putting the club in this position.

On Sunday, I read an article in the Telegraph, stating Sheikh Mansour had a choice between keeping either Tevez or Mancini, but it is clear which one would be the loser in such a battle.

Mancini is leading the club through another fine season. He guided us to fifth and within a whisker of the Champions League last year and into the knock out stages of the Europa League this year. The team look like they are finally finding their rhythm and now sit in second place in the league.

With Tevez suspended for the West Ham game, there were some that thought we would struggle to score, let alone win but we ended up scoring three times and could have scored a few more in the process, proving that we can live without the Argentine.

So if Carlos wants to leave the club, I’d let him. This could be one of the best seasons most supporters have seen for a very long time, some have never not it this good and, to quote the club statement, this is an “unfortunate and unwelcome distraction.”

No player is bigger than the club so if Carlos wants to leave, then he should before he creates such a wave at Eastlands that it will engulf the entire club.



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