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So Who Really Knows Their Football?

We all have our opinions on who should play, who should be dropped etc etc, but that’s where it ends.

However, here at Over The Blue Moon, we have decided to challenge you hardened football supporters to put your managerial skills to the test by signing up to a Fantasy Football League.

The Fantasy Football is run by and we have created our own league, predictably named Over The Blue Moon. It is free to enter and gives you the opportunity to show off your talents and, should you win the league by next May, give you the bragging rights for a year as the ultimate Fantasy Football Manager.

If you’ve got the guts, create your team at the following address

Then join our league. You will find the code on our Fantasy Football page in the Fun & Games section.

Sign up and get buying. You only have £100m to spend. Can you beat me? I doubt it but give it a go anyway.



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