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Sunday round up, Rumours that make you laugh.

We will start with the News of the World.

The all ever knowing with no proof  news of the world today claims, City will allow Tevez to return to Argentina because, well I gather from the story City’s a soft touch really or just a plain pack of mugs.

Verdict on the story load of  _ _ _ _  fill in your own word.


Sunday Mirror,

Cristiano Ronaldo wants £400,000 a week to join City. This is from a reliable source. The show pony wanted to leave Untied to live out his boyhood dream of playing for Real which he has done. Now £400,000 is a whole lot of money a week but this story is a bit far fetched.

Verdict – Lies, and a touch of fantasy.


The Sunday Times.

The Times claims that City big wigs are due to fly out to Italy in order to do a deal for Alexis Sanchez, The Udinese hitman is the main transfer target for the summer. Udinese have reportedly dropped the asking price to a realistic £26m from quotes of £35m. There is also rumours doing the rounds that Weiss would be put into the deal.

Verdict – A good possability that its the real deal, The Times do employ professionals who tend to stick to the boring truth rather that go making up wild stories.


Corriere dello Sport.

Juventus are to bid £35m for Tevez. Torres the no goal scoring former Liverpool player was bought up for £50m so surely Carlos is worth in or around the same.

Verdict – Italian papers are as bad if not worse that the British tabloids, pure pony.


The Tevez to Chelsea rumour, and Footy Bunker.

Why on earth they think City would sell Tevez to a premiership rival is beyond me. City are tarred as the money bags, so why would they need to unload one of the finest players in World football to a team they plan to challenge against ?

Verdict – so stupid why waste time and energy even writing this piece. Rumour spreading at its worst.


Mail on Sunday.

£4M for Bellamy, well it seems about right with 2 years left on his contact and City did pay somewhere £14m for his services. Paid out on wages while he played for his home town club Cardiff last season. Bellamy’s wages are £80,000 to £90,000 a week a lot for a player who cant play 3 games in a row.

Verdict – Seems to be real deal £4m is just about affordable for Cardiff and Bellers will have to take a massive wage cut.


If there are anymore ridiculous stories or rumours you want posted let me know, always glad to point out how stupid and lazy paid journalists are.




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