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Sunday Round Up.

Sunday is here as is the British tradition all the papers make up stories and tell lies so here we go.

James Milner is now set for a move to White Hart lane with Harry the tax dodger also interested in Craig Bellamy and Ashley Young if true and Harry can land all three players Spurs may make serious run at the title however The News of the World also said Craig Bellamy could be bought for as little as £4m  which seems a little under valued.

Tribal football have gone with a story from Corriere Dello Sport from Italy saying Mancicni is ready to sell Adebayor to Juventus after  Wolfsburg took Dzeko off the market. With Juve as part of a loan deal only paying Adebayors wages which are about £4.5m per season ?

Roy Hodgson has told the News Of  The World  that He is powerless to stop Torres from leaving the club and has done all He can and that Torres problems with the club is over past matters and not with Roy personally.    I know Hodgson hasn’t said a word all week then talks to this paper who have a reputation for making stuff up in an over the top manner, can probably see a court case in the future about this one.

Man Untied are going to try and sign long tome target Karim Benzema from Real Madrid this is from the daily mail. I would hold off on this signing until little matter of a court case against Karim is cleared up.

The People gives us that Roberto Mancini will spend another £100m no less in the next 20 days how ?  That is anyone’s  guess could be going to buy Blackburn F.C. for £75m of that and buy a new team to go with it seems a bit far fetched,   However if  Torres is on the market  Kaka and Sergrio Ramos  could be done. (lol)

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