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Sunday Tabloids, Fact or Fiction ?

Sunday is hear again and so the round up of lies and half truths begins.

Ronaldo the show pony claims he would have left Real if the club and Jose the special one had of parted ways.  The Premiership and North West would have been his destination I believe were his words so must be Man City right ? God Knows, however the likelihood of City fans taking to the biggest diver of all time are we will say are slim.

Tevez for Eto’o the swap deal that never happened, A rumour has started that Mancini himself said these words. Can you believe that the manager would ? even if the deal was ever there. To say this after the fact of the deal not happening seems like a made up rumour, I can’t seem to find the original source of the story as of yet but I will continue and should I find it will post it for all to see.

Hulk the media whore of Porto claims City want him but he said NO. Lad is not a bad player but I believe in this case is looking for some free P.R. off the clubs back. He is however set to sign a new contract with Porto what a hero he must be to the fans down there. How many Hulk shirts will that stunt sell ?

Savic deal is done story is doing the rounds the 20 year will sign for £7m from FK Partisan. The Montenegro international is regarded as a player for the future at just 20 he has attracted a lot of interest from clubs around Europe. Deal is never done till the player signs the contract so the Savic deal is not done but it is believed the Club are in talks for the player.

Wayne Bridge is going here, Wayne Bridge is going there should Wayne be leaving the club he has a lot of choice  Newcastle,Liverpool,Villa,Bolton,and Wigan to name some of the premiership teams in for him supposedly and of course he has Italian and Spanish clubs looking too. Wait and see what happens.

Wigan want Wright Philips and why wouldn’t they hes a great player and possibly far to good for their set up. First team football guaranteed so I can see why he would may look and think.

Milner is not happy and Liverpool are willing to pay £20m for him. O.K. he had a bad season and played out of his favorite  position and didn’t play enough but with a big squad of quality player what did you except ?  This is not Villa maybe if Liverpool can make him happy and stop him spitting his dummy out he should go ?

What is your views on City in the transfer markets so far just all tabloid rumours and speculation or is there truth in any of these reports ?

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